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aleksib, "Sergej is a different kind of young player"

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Do you think the change of bringing the Minors to the same city as the major was good? 

I think so. I only went to one minor myself (Bucharest) but I think it is good. 

Obviously, you had a great run at Cologne and that has put you in the favorite category. Are you confident here? 

We beat some really good teams at Cologne and in practice we have been showing our confidence and what we are capable of. On the other hand we have off days here and there and two of our players are not feeling well, but it happens and I still think we can beat any team here. 

Which team do you find the most challenging? 

I think LeftOut. We haven't played OpTic yet I think they are good. LeftOut have won against us in the past but they have all been very tight games. 


Imperial was having some issues with EspiranTo which resulted in him being benched. With a team with young players how do you manage egos? 

I don't have one answer to that. I feel the only young player we have is sergej and second youngest is me at 21. Sergej is a different kind of youngster he keeps himself calm and isn't arrogant. We are fine in my books. If we have problems, we will talk about it. 

Allu has done well in and out of the Finnish scene. He came back after having a relatively successful international outing. How does that experience impact the team? 

I like to think that allu is the backbone of our team. He brings much calmness when tension is high and a lot of nerves running around he can calm us down and tell us what to do and what say one of our players need to do to play better. Overall if we had someone else in place of allu I think many games would go in the other direction because there is no one besides me to calm everyone down and do the right thing. 

The Finnish scene is filled with talent despite being a smaller region. Do you think that having a full Finnish team that is doing well inspires Finnish players to perform better? 

After our run in Cologne and Moscow we had very good feedback from our games and much more fans. After Cologne there were a lot more. The Finnish scene really needed us to step up and on the other hand I think it will inspire other players to play better. 

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