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Vanguard Zombies: Is the Ray Gun being added to Der Anfang in an update?

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For the most part, Call of Duty Vanguard has had a successful launch. The single-player Campaign is a cinematic blockbuster with a well-constructed narrative and the Multiplayer experience is one of the best we've seen from Call of Duty in some years. One thing that's letting everyone down, though, is the Zombies mode.

Vanguard Zombies is missing that special something - it can't even be attributed to the lack of round-based Zombies maps, either. There's no sense of progression and there's nothing to 'aim for' at the moment. There's no Main Quest, no Easter Egg, and no Wonder Weapons.

However, that might be changing... Here's what we know about the Ray Gun - as iconic as it is - returning to Zombies through Der Anfang.

Is the Ray Gun returning via Der Anfang?

Call of Duty has been pretty quiet when it comes to Vanguard's Zombies. In the recent Festive Fervor Event post, we saw the following announced...

" Expect some subtle seasonal visuals in game modes like Domination and Hardpoint, as well as more holiday overhauls to places like the Gunbench and the wintery home base of Stalingrad in Zombies’ “Der Anfang.”

It's not a lot at all, really - this isn't surprising though when you consider the fact that the Season One post also stated the following:

" Treyarch is preparing new Zombies updates for after the new year, which will include more content and features:
  • The Tome of Rituals
  • Von List’s Office
  • Support Killstreaks"

The Tome of Rituals is a new Artifact system, Von List's Office is another area being lumped with Der Anfang, and Support Killstreaks aren't anything special. This is all being prepared for "after the new year" too!

We're still waiting on some meaningful Zombies content in Vanguard and fans are beginning to lose their faith in Treyarch - a development team who have been offering fantastic Zombies experiences for years.

Thankfully, it looks like there's going to be more than meets the eye in this next title update. We don't know if adding a Ray Gun into Vanguard Zombies is going to be the spark that the mode needs - but, we're not about to complain.

Nanikos, a notable data miner and leaker, has shared a data-mined weapon description for the Ray Gun in Zombies. You can check it out below:

Quite a few of the issues people have with Der Anfang is that it's nothing like previous Zombies modes - the rules of engagement are the same but it doesn't feature traditional round-based maps, the Perk system has been overhauled, and there are the Altars of the Covenants. Adding a Wonder Weapon in there could be the start of fixing things - the potential is there, but it isn't being used at all.

Featured Image Credit: Imgur

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