COD Firebase Z: When Does The New Zombies Map Come Out? - Patch Notes, Vietnam, How To Pre-Load, Update Size, Trailer, Start Time & more

One more day! Firebase Z is nearly upon us and we're headed deep into Vietnam with the next COD Zombies map.

Firebase Z continues the Dark Aether storyline established in Die Maschine; Requiem Team will be travelling to the jungles of Vietnam as another Dark Aether outbreak has been detected.

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This update adds a new COD Zombies map, Firebase Z, alongside a new perk, wonder weapon, and more.

LATEST - 1.11 Patch Notes Are Here

The full Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Update 1.11 patch notes have gone live, and they're absolutely massive!

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Update 1.11 patch notes
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THEY'RE COMING: The Update 1.11 patch notes are here, and the Firebase Z zombies are coming

The patch offers huge upgrades to Multiplayer and Firebase Z in Zombies as well as some bug fixes and playlist updates.

You can read them over in full here.


Bell, We've Got A Job To Do

Reqiuem Team is headed into Vietnam with Firebase Z, a location that features heavily in the weirder parts of Black Ops Cold War's campaign.

The Dark Aether storyline appears to be happening both independently and alongside the latest story and the move to Vietnam raises some interesting questions.

Alongside the Dark Aether outbreak and portals, will we see any more MK Ultra-esque mind games?

If Treyarch were able to combine the mind-bending gameplay of Black Ops Cold War's single-player story with the chaos of Zombies, this could be one of the best COD Zombies maps in history!

Update Pre-Loading

If you're on a Playstation 4 or Playstation 5, you can start to pre-load the Firebase Z update for Black Ops Cold War.


To do this, all you need to do is "Check For Update" while selecting the Black Ops Cold War application.

Alternatively, starting the game should trigger the download. However, it won't stop you playing due to the fact that it isn't live yet!

Are you looking forward to heading into Firebase Z?

Firebase Z Update Size

Reports are beginning to come out identifying the Firebase Z update's file size as pre-loading is now available on Playstation consoles.

The next update for Black Ops Cold War is weighing in at around 9GB. This might only be confirmed for PS4 and PS5, but we would expect Xbox consoles and PC download sizes to be similar.

The update goes live at 7 AM GMT on February 4th.


Firebase Z Trailer with Developer Insight

Treyarch has released a brand new Firebase Z trailer with gameplay footage and the map's developers giving some insight into what players can expect come launch day.

You can check it out below:

Official Start Time

Black Ops Cold War developers Treyarch have confirmed when you'll be able to drop into Outpost 25 with Firebase Z, the new COD Zombies experience!

The next Content Update is going live at the following times:

  • 11 PM PT ( Feb 3 )
  • 2 AM ET ( Feb 4 )
  • 7 AM GMT 9 ( Feb 4 )

This Content Update includes Firebase Z, the multiplayer map Express, and additional playlist changes across Black Ops Cold War's Multiplayer.

COD Firebase Z Release Date

Firebase Z is due to launch ahead of Black Ops Cold War Season 2, despite prior reports.

This means Firebase Z will launch February 4 2021.

COD Firebase Z Black Ops Cold War Hint
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CLUES - Treyarch are hinting at what players will find in Firebase Z

In addition to this, the February 4 Black Ops Cold War title update will add Express, a Black Ops 2 map, to the game's multiplayer modes.

This map should also be available in the PlayStation-exclusive Zombies mode: Onslaught.


What Time Can You Play It?

More often than not, title updates for Call of Duty games go live in the afternoon on the day of release.

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With this in mind, it can be assumed that Firebase Z will go live in Black Ops Cold War around 18:00 GMT on the day of release.

It is worth noting that there will be a title update available prior to this that must be downloaded in order to play the new content.

New Perks, Wonder Weapon & More

Firebase Z isn't just a map; it's a whole treasure trove of additional content.


Tombstone Soda is coming to Cold War Zombies as a new perk with Firebase Z. It will have its own Perk Machine in Firebase Z and be available via Der Wunderfizz on Die Maschine.

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The R.A.I. K-84 is the new wonder weapon that will be available while playing Firebase Z. This is expected to act as the map-specific wonder weapon and shouldn't be replacing the Ray Gun.

Firebase Z will also feature new Special Enemies and could hint further at the future of the Dark Aether storyline and what's in store!

Firebase Z is launching February 4 and should be available around 18:00 GMT.