Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Spec Ops Survival Mode to be PS4 exclusive, Xbox & PC players should be furious

Will a Sony exclusive Spec Ops Survival mode cause Xbox & PC fans to leave the CoD franchise?

Xbox’s multiyear agreement had finished and flipped the CoD hierarchy on its head. After 5 years of Xbox owners and Call of Duty fans being favored with expansion packs, maps, guns and more before both PS4 and PC owners the shoe is now on the other foot.

Sony and Playstation had seen the reaping benefits that the game could bring and managed to strike a deal with the Call of Duty franchise allowing PS4 owners to gain these benefits over Xbox and PC. Although, players and fans of the game never knew the extent to which Call of Duty could make their title exclusive.

RealSport dives into the news that left both Xbox and PC players with heartache.

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Spec Ops Survival Mode

During Sony’s State of Play event on the 24th of September, both the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign and Spec Ops mode trailers were released.

Many fans would be excited over the fact that Spec Ops will re-emerge in the next Call of Duty game, originally introduced in Modern Warfare 2, players had the opportunity to experience a new way to play Call of Duty.

Spec Ops is a cooperative multiplayer for Modern Warfare, and Survival Mode is where players team up to fend off wave after wave of enemies, which was extremely fun in Modern Warfare 3.

For the eager-eyed fans, you will have noticed the ‘PLAY FIRST ON PS4’ below Special Ops Survival Mode. What does this mean…?

Well, this is where both Xbox and PC players took an issue, with the length of the exclusivity for Spec Ops Survival mode. If you are playing on anything that isn’t a Playstation you will have to wait until October 1st 2020.

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Just under a year of waiting until you will be able to access this specific version of Special Ops. Yes. A year. It’s a long time and fans took no time to share their frustrations with the developers.

@EddingsJulian asked Infinity Ward narrative director Taylor Kurosaki as to why he wouldn't be able to play Special Ops for an entire year.

Kurosaki politely responded highlighting that both Xbox and PC players will in fact be able to play Special Ops, but instead cannot play the survival mode. Is this just as bad? From experience, we here at RealSport feel as though the Survival Mode is where the most fun is to be had with teammates in Spec Ops.

Taylor Kurosaki, later responded to another fan's tweet explaining that some decisions are all "above our pay grade" which conveys how he has no say in decisions such as exclusivity.

This also portrays that he also doesn't necessarily agree with the decision made by people higher up. However, fans still slated the decision and some even stated how they would cancel their pre-order.

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Not all Doom and Gloom

Modern Warfare

Xbox and PC have not received all bad news. With the highlighted factor being that all other content that is released will simultaneously be launched across all platforms. 

This could be DLC, map packs, weapons and even a potential leaked Battle Royale that will release post launch for free. Although not having access to all areas of the game, should Xbox and PC players boycott the game? NO!

This is set to be one of the best years of Call of Duty the fans have ever seen, with much more content available at launch and new ideas being introduced throughout its cycle.

Let us know down below whether you will be affected by Playstation only Survival Mode?

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