Call of Duty Modern Warfare: How to play Search and Destroy on PS4, XBOX & PC

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Search and Destroy was introduced to CoD fans in the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4.

Since then, the game mode has been a fan favourite and if not the best game mode to EVER be introduced into the CoD franchise. Search and Destroy, often abbreviated as SnD or S&D, requires skill and patience.

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That's why RealSport is here to highlight all the top tips on how to be better than the opposite team!


Search and Destroy consists of winning six rounds overall to win the game! This makes it essential that before each round, you and your team have a plan.

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ANSWER THE CALL: A map of the callouts for Aniyah Palace


An idea of where you are going to run, be looking at and where the enemy team is. Giving you a better picture of where people are most likely going to be on the map!

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Callouts are very important; as a player learning callouts for parts of maps, or locations of the opposite team, can mean all the difference between winning or losing.

Whether this is 'Curtains' on Rammaza, or 'Jump up' on Gun Runner, be sure you communicate effectively. Of course, this can be enhanced by playing with a good team and friends.

Watch the Cross

What's a Cross? This is an area where you are able to see a team pushing towards one bomb or the other.

This is usually a lane in the middle of the two bomb sites where you can gain an understanding of which bomb they are most likely to push!


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This can set you and your team up top move towards a bomb site together and trade, if one of you gets killed.


Using both Lethals and Tacticals in Search and Destroy can really be a game-changer.

Pre-nades, can be crucial to gaining an early kill in a round which will then leave you with one man more than the other team. However, in this year's Call of Duty, Smoke Grenades are extremely useful.

Black Ops 4 did not have Smoke Grenades, so if you are new to the equipment, a Pro player known as Clayster highlights why they are so powerful in this video:

Smoke grenades can be used as a decoy in search and destroy. Throwing a smoke in a different direction to where you are running, will cause the enemy to panic and spread, making it easier for your team to pick off kills.

Bomb Sites

Planting the bomb in the right spot on SnD may seem like a silly tip, but this strategy can really make all the difference from winning or losing the game.

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BOMBS AWAY: Make sure you plant your bomb far from teammates


Each map has different bomb sites with many different lines of sight. On some of these maps, you are able to plant the bomb and sit halfway across the map and still see where you planted it!

Making sure you plant the bomb in the right spot where it can be seen by your team will allow you to hide away and pick off players who go to defuse it!

Use Dead Silence

If you are not using Dead Silence in Search and Destroy, then you are doing it all wrong.

With footsteps being so loud in this year's Call of Duty Modern Warfare, using Dead Silence will be your only chance to run around without being heard by the enemy team!

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Using Dead Silence in the right situations on SnD will allow you to surprise and creep up on the enemy team and secure a few kills which they were not expecting!

Let us know down below in the comments whether you have any tips that you have found useful whilst playing SnD!