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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War unveils brand new Fireteam: Dirty Bomb Mode

Treyarch has unveiled new details regarding the 40-player Fireteam: Dirty Bomb mode which will feature in the Black Ops Cold War beta this weekend.

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Fireteam: Dirty Bomb Trailer revealed

Treyarch has released a trailer detailing a brand new mode featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which can be seen below.

The game mode was originally announced during the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal, but now more details have been revealed.

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It has now been confirmed that Fireteam: Dirty Bomb will be available to try on the second weekend of the Black Ops Cold War beta, which starts for early access players on Thursday, October 15 and for everyone else on Saturday, October 17.


How will the new game mode work?

The Fireteam: Dirty Bomb mode will match 10 teams of four players against each other in objective-based matches in large maps.

In order to win, teams must collect uranium deposits and insert their found uranium in "Dirty Bombs" around the map.

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FEELING NAUSEOUS: Radiation sickness will slow down health regeneration

When the bombs are primed with uranium, they will detonate, and accrue points.


A bomb detonating also causes radiation to spawn in large areas of the map.

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Players in these hazardous areas will experience radiation sickness, which affects health regeneration, perk benefits, movement, and more as the game progresses.

With areas being affected by radiations, players will have to strategically navigate to find uranium and bombs.

Will vehicles feature in Fireteam: Dirty Bomb?

Vehicles will definitely play a prominent role in the new game mode, giving players the ability to travel quickly and utilize vehicle weapons.

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TAKE TO THE SKIES: Helicopters will feature in Fireteam: Ditry Bomb

Players will spawn into the game by parachuting from a helicopter.


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Based on the trailer, vehicles such as buggies, motorcycles, tanks, and helicopters will be scattered throughout the map for use. 

Unique spawning system

The Fireteam: Dirty Bomb spawning system seemingly combines Warzone parachuting and Modern Warfare Ground War spawning.

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WORK TOGETHER: Teamwork will be essential as you and 3 partners join together in this game mode!

At the beginning of the match, players will automatically parachute down, but upon dying, players have a choice of how to respawn.


Players can either spawn on a teammate not in combat, spawn directly in a vehicle a teammate is driving, or once again, parachute back down.

The system will give players freedom to choose where to go, and enemies will have to be aware of every player in the four-person squad.

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