Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Notes - New Map, Legend, Battle Pass, Vehicle, Balance Changes & more

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Apex Legends Season 7 is arriving tonight at 11pm ET / 4am GMT!

With the patch notes revealed, we know the huge amount of change coming to the game in it's biggest season yet.

Let's dive in.

Latest News: Gameplay trailer

Season 7 of Apex Legends is just around the corner, and the gameplay trailer is finally here!


Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Notes

The Apex Legends Season 7 patch notes are here - here are the biggest changes coming to the game!

Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass

The latest Season 7 Battle Pass is here as well!

Featuring a host of new cosmetics, the Battle Pass is teeming with content as per usual.

apex season 7 battle pass 1
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NEW CONTENT: The S7 Battle Pass is shaping up to be a belter!

The new Battle Pass even contains brand new exclusive skins for Wraith and Octane.

In addition, new holo-sprays have been added, helping you stand out that little bit more!


Horizon is set to be introduced to the game as the next Apex Legend!

apex legends horizon min
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MASTER OF GRAVITY: Brand new Apex Legend Horizon is officially announced for Season 7

Respawn describes Horizon as a "brilliant astrophysicist who escaped a black hole and aims to use her newfound mastery of gravity to keep a promise".

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Passive: Spacewalk

Increase air control and reduce fall impacts with Horizon’s custom spacesuit.

Tactical: Gravity Lift

Reverse the flow of gravity, lifting players upward and boosting them outward when they exit.

Ultimate: Black hole

Deploy NEWT (her small robot named after her son, Newton) to create a micro black hole that sucks in nearby Legends.


Apex Legends is getting a new map in Season 7 - Olympus.

A utopia floating in clouds above Psamathe, it was once a place where the brightest minds in the Outlands could gather and exchange ideas.

apex legends olympus min
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COMBAT IN THE CLOUDS: Prepare to fight in the brand new map - Olympus

However, an accident in an experimental research facility led to the creation of the Phase Rift (a massive bubble of Phase energy), and the city was abandoned.

Now players can use Olympus’ luxurious amenities to their advantage.

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Rotating agricultural towers, beautiful gardens and classy restaurants serve as new stages for intense skirmishes.

apex legends season 7 map
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FIRST LOOK: In-game look at the new Olympus map

The Phase Runner – a tunnel of Phase energy running through the center of Olympus – lets you cross the map in seconds.

And the Rift stands tall over everything, mysterious and beckoning.

The Trident

Exclusive to Olympus, the Trident is a hover car which can transport your whole squad!

apex legends the trident min
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THE TRIDENT: Use this brand new vehicle in Apex Legends to transport the whole squad at once!

Cruise the highways to avoid chokepoints or use the boost to soar over jumps, this thing is made to speed up those early game rotations.

Drive in third person, or ride as a passenger in first person with full shooting capabilities.

The Trident is durable, so it will never explode, but damage applied from enemy fire will be dispersed amongst the players in the car.

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Don’t worry, you can still do full damage to players by hitting them directly so we expect to see some amazing Kraber shots.

Disembark to park it anywhere and use it as makeshift cover in the late game.

The Trident interacts with Legend abilities in many different ways, so get experimenting!


To help you understand and explore the map without fear of getting shot, Respawn are introducing a new playlist called Olympus Preview.

apex legends olympus season 7 reveal
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OLYMPUS PREVIEW: Explore the new map at no risk

This mode teams you up with 30 Legends on Olympus and allows you to roam the map to learn map drops, loot areas, and practice your routes to the end game.

Circles are still on and once circle 4 finishes, players are brought back up to the plane to start the second skydive run.

There are a total of 3 runs before the match ends.

This mode is only available for one week.

Season 7 Launch Trailer


Season 7 introduces us to clubs.

apex legends clubs min
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APEX CLUBS: Join up with your friends in clubs!

Join a club with like minded legends and make it easier to find your champion squad.

Don’t see a particular club you like, then create one and let your friends know to join!


You can start downloading Apex Legends via Steam.

For a limited time, log into Steam and receive these Half-Life and Portal inspired weapon charms.

apex legends steam min
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FREEBIES: Log into steam and receive these free items in Apex Legends

If you’re coming from Origin, all your progress and unlocks will carry over.

Quality of life updates

Respawn have included several quality of life updates in the Season 7 patch notes.

Attachment Swap Improvements

When replacing an attachment with one from the ground, if the old attachment is an improvement for your other weapon, the old attachment will get automatically transferred.

Replicator Updates

  • For Season 7, weapons from the crafting pool have been removed and have been replaced with Shield batteries. The high level attachments will still be tailored towards a weapon category.
  • Other players are now prevented from picking up items that you crafted for the first 5 seconds after crafting. This can be disabled by pinging the item.

Air Drop Clarity

  • The colors of the beams have been changed to differentiate between normal airdrops, Lifeline's airdrops, and Replicator airdrops. Normal drops are a light tan, Lifeline's drops are blue, and Replicator drops and teal.
  • All of the airdrops' landing area FX while it's coming down matches their colors.
  • Airdrop beams still stay visible when close to the airdrop, instead of fading when you get close. The beam still disappears when the pod is opened.


  • The Arc Star now shows an Arc Star model when one is thrown near you, instead of a grenade.
  • Added a new VO line when you are using a Phoenix Kit
  • Added a new VO line when you drop a Holo Spray
  • You can now ping ammo in your inventory to request more from your squad
  • Made modifications to The Ring to reduce the amount of unplayable space in the circles.

Map Rotations

A few map rotation changes have been made leading up to the launch of Season 7.

Regular Map Rotation

For 2 weeks, Olympus will be the only map you can play on.

After that week, the normal rotation between Olympus and World’s Edge will resume. Kings Canyon will be vaulted for the time being.

Season 7 Ranked Rotation

The first half of Ranked Split will be played on Olympus.

The second half of ranked will be played on World’s Edge.

Legend Meta

Season 7 will bring several changes and updates to Legends.

apex legends mirage
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TRICKSTER: Mirage will receive a long awaited buff in Season 7


Psyche Out/Life of the Party: Decoys now have 45 health

Decoys have been given health, but they will not work as a shield. While they take damage from bullets, the bullet also passes through them and hits whatever’s behind them.

Decoys will also play unique hit effects and briefly flicker out of existence when taking damage to help you differentiate between them and the real Mirage.


Pathfinder has a tall but extremely skinny hitbox.

A lot of his model isn’t actually shootable and particularly his arms and legs do not represent a lot of shootable area either. 

By making it a little easier to hit Pathfinder, his win rate will be brought under control to the point where meaningful power can be put into his kit.

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Pathfinder no longer needs to be on the ground for Grappling Hook to be considered finished.

The speed to which Pathfinder needs to drop for us to consider Grappling Hook finished was increased from 300 units/second to 500 units/second.

The maximum cooldown grapple can be set to was lowered to 30 seconds, from 35 seconds; the maximum amount of travel time before a new cooldown is set is now 5 seconds, rather than being uncapped. This means that effectively, you can never incur more than a 35 second cooldown.

The amount of distance you can travel before you hit maximum cooldown was roughly doubled.


Swift Mend: Doubled healing rate (from 0.5 hp/s to 1.0 hp/s).


Rolling Thunder: Reduced the time it takes for explosion from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.

Rolling Thunder will continue to function primarily as a zoning ability, but with a somewhat shorter fuse, it will encourage enemies to leave the zone slightly faster.


Sheila: Now takes 1.25 seconds to fully spin up, down from 2 seconds.

apex legends rampart
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RAMPAGE WITH RAMPART: The Legend has received the buff she has deserved for so long this season!

Amped Wall: Now takes 3 seconds to fully build, down from 4 seconds

Amped Wall should remain a mostly out of combat setup ability rather than a reactive ability and Sheila should remain an area denial tool rather than a murder machine.


Nox Gas Trap/Nox Gas Grenade: Legends no longer get a blurred vision effect while in the gas. Damage updated from 4-10 ticks of damage to 6-12 ticks of damage.

Respawn is upping the damage from the gas a bit, to make up for lost power.


Perimeter Security: Increased damage per touch from 10 to 15.

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This change aims to bring up her power and attractiveness at lower levels of play.


Black Market: Ammo taken no longer counts towards Black Market’s maximum. You can scoop up all the ammo in range.

Make no mistake: this is a major swing at making Black Market powerful.

Weapon Meta

Season 7 brings us multiple weapon adjustments.

Supply Drop

R99 Out of Supply Drop: The R99 will be returning to the normal loot pool this season, with the same stats it had before it went into the supply drop at the start of season 6.

  • Damage: 12 -> 11 (from Care Package version to normal pre-season 6)
  • Ammo 20/22/24/27

Prowler Into Supply Drop: The prowler is replacing the R99 in the supply drop.

Despite the Selectfire hop-up being removed from the loot pool this season, the Prowler will still have the ability to change between 5 round bursts and full-auto.

  • Magazine size: 35; reserve ammo: 175

Fully Kitted Weapons

  • Removed: Devotion, Mastiff, Triple Take, Flatline, Volt
  • New: Wingman, Sentinel, Havoc, G7, Alternator


  • Increasing horizontal recoil of the first 3 shots slightly to the right (first burst when in burst mode)
  • Increasing recoil magnitude in the later stages of the pattern
  • Reducing recoil multiplier in single fire mode to help compensate for additional recoil in pattern.
  • Recoil should mostly be increased in burst mode rather than single fire mode
  • Reducing headshot multiplier 2.0 -> 1.75 (44 -> 39 damage headshot against no helmet base character)


Updated recoil pattern. Kicks up, then right, then left, then up again.


  • LSTAR has a new recoil pattern that kicks horizontally at first and then settles into a relatively consistent upward recoil.
  • Players who feather the trigger will be able to keep the LSTAR in the good portion of the recoil pattern.
  • LSTAR venting time after letting go of the trigger has been reduced 0.4s -> 0.15s.
  • LSTAR will now reduce heat faster when not overheated -- 1.15s from 99.9% to 0% charge if not overheated, still 2.45s if overheated.


  • Energized Sentinel now has a pure damage increase, instead of bonus damage only vs shields.
  • Energized Sentinel base damage 70 -> 88

Triple Take

  • Fire rate 1.3 -> 1.2

Fire rate has been reduced, back to what it was before the 6.0 patch.


  • Quickdraw Holster Hop-up: This new hop-up attaches to the RE-45 and Wingman.
  • When equipped, the gun becomes quicker to raise and lower, takes less time to ADS, and has reduced hipfire spread (particularly when not actively moving).
  • This should open up new opportunities to use the two weapons, especially in close-quarters combat.
  • The Selectfire Receiver hop-up will be removed from the loot pool to make room.

Game Meta Changes

Significant game changes have been made by Respawn, to be implemented on Wednesday, 4 November, when Season 7 launches.

Evo Armor requirements increased


The requirements to evolve Evo Armor have been increased, in order to reduce the amount of players with Red Evo Armor during the end game.

  • Level 0 -> 1 : 100 damage (from 50)
  • Level 1 -> 2 : 150 damage (from 125)
  • Level 2 -> 3 : 300 damage (from 250)
  • Level 3 -> 4 : 750 damage (from 500)

Ring damage reduced

  • Ring 1: 2% per tick (same)
  • Ring 2: 3% per tick (from 5%)
  • Particularly this change should allow players enough time to pop a syringe if they are picked up in Ring 2.
  • Ring 3: 5% per tick (from 10%)
  • Ring 4: 10% per tick (from 20%)
  • Ring 5: 10% per tick (from 20%)
  • Ring 6: 15% per tick (from 25%)
  • Ring 7: 15% per tick (from 25%)

Bug Fixes

A number of current in-game bugs have been addressed for Season 7.


  • Some advancements in footstep audio playing more reliably have been made.


  • Fixed an issue with ziplines going through platforms when deployed from underneath.


  • Fixed an issue with priming a grenade cancelling Wraith's ultimate.


  • Fixed an issue with getting stuck in double jump after using a jump pad.
  • Fixed an issue with Octane being able to use healing items while on a zipline.


  • Fixed an issue with his drone being able to drop items from Crypto’s inventory.
  • Fixed an issue with his drone not being able to fit through certain windows.
  • Fixed an issue with his drone marking friendly Mirage decoys as enemies.


  • Fixed an issue with Revenant getting pushed into geo when his totem was deployed in tight spaces.


  • Fixed an issue with Rampart not being able to place an amp wall while jumping.
  • Fixed an issue with Sheila teleporting when placed on a hatch in World’s Edge Staging.

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