Apex Legends Mobile Release Date Revealed!

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The highly anticipated release date for Apex Legends Mobile is finally here and it looks like we won't have to wait too much longer before we start playing!

Grab your squad and make sure your smartphone is ready because Apex Legends Mobile will be released worldwide on Tuesday, 17 May. This comes after multiple phases of testing in select regions but EA is confident the game is ready to go next week.

apex legends mobile champions roster
What champions will make the jump to Apex Legends Mobile?

There is very little we know about the game at this point including whether or not this is set to be a like-for-like port of the full game or a brand new and unique mobile experience. There are always unique challenges when taking a huge game like Apex and trying to squeeze it down into a device with limited power.

Apex Legends Mobile will look to fill the void on iOS that was left behind by Fortnite when it was taken off the app store. Granted, Fortnite is now playable on iOS devices thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming but it's nothing compared to the experience of running a game natively through its dedicated app.

Video credit: RoastSmith on YouTube


EA and Respawn will be hoping that the game clicks with its hardcore fanbase and possibly even produces its own esports opportunities. Not many mobile games - especially shooters - have cracked that market but Apex Legends Mobile could have a similar following to PUBG Mobile only with a larger worldwide appeal.

We'll keep you up to date with any other news and updates that break and once the game is live we'll bring you all the details you could possibly need to know!