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*UPDATED* Apex Legends Season 15: How to Send Gifts in Apex Legends

Apex Legends season 15 is bringing a new feature to the game which fans have requested for a while.

The gifting feature is common in many other similar games to Apex. However, Apex is only just getting it.

But the community are excited to be able to gift items to friends.

This comes just in time for the Christmas holidays and means that virtual gifts will be seen more.

So, let's take a look at how the gifting system works and when players will be able to gift to friends.

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*UPDATED* Apex Legends gifting region locks

Respawn has now officially confirmed that the gifting element in the game will not be region locked.

Apex Legends gifting
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This means that players around the world will be able to gift to anyone else in the world.

In a season which is key for inclusivity, gifting not being region-locked fits right in!

Gifting feature release date

The gifting feature will be released in the next season of the game, Season 15.

Season 15 is released on November 1, 2022.

So, we should expect to see the gifting feature on that date along with all of the other content.

How to gift in Apex Legends

A webpage on the official Apex Legends website detailed the new feature and how players can use it.

gifting in Apex Legends
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Here's how to use the new gifting feature in-game.

  1. Check Login Verification is turned on, you're at least level 10 and are friends with who you want to gift.
  2. Check that you have been friends with your friend for two weeks.
  3. Buy a gift in the Apex store using Apex coins.
  4. Select your friend's name from your friend list.
  5. Press the gift button after confirming all details.

Then it is done! Gifting is a very simple process in the game and can be well worthwhile.

gifting in Apex Legends
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Players are able to gift five items every 24 hours which is a very generous number.

However, gifts are not refundable, so make sure you give them to the correct friends the first time around.

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