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Deadlock Rebels, rise up! The next Overwatch event is coming soon

Overwatch has been going for half a decade now and with that, comes tonnes of new updates, skins, and characters.

The anniversary event is no different and, lucky for you, it's now live.

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LATEST - Ashe's Deadlock Challenge Revealed

Blizzard doesn't really offer people much time to prepare, do they? The next Overwatch event has been revealed to be Ashe's Deadlock Challenge. We're not fully sure on what this will entail just yet, but we can imagine it will offer players the chance to earn some cosmetics with a standard set of Event Challenges.

This means, it could be a situation of 3 Wins earns you a Player Icon, 6 Wins earns you a Spray, and 9 Wins earns you an Ashe Skin. At the moment, we don't have any more information than the following Teaser:

The next Overwatch Event, Ashe's Deadlock Challenge, starts on June 22.


Overwatch 2021 Anniversary Event Starting

It's time to celebrate! Overwatch's 2021 Anniversary Event started on May 18th!

As you might already know, this is a celebration of Overwatch as a whole and features a wide array of skins without any real theme. This means it has some of the best ones out there and we're due to receive more skins over the coming weeks

So far, all we know is when it's due to start and whatever we get to see in the short snippet from the announcement below:

From the video, it looks like Baptiste, Brigitte, and Pharah could be getting new skins. We also see all the Overwatch heroes dancing so if there's anyone without a Dance Emote, we should expect to see them get one of those.


Next Overwatch Event

Before we start, there are a few things that are worth mentioning about all Overwatch in-game events.

Every Overwatch event is on for three weeks and replaces standard loot boxes with Seasonal Loot Boxes that offer up the event-limited cosmetics.

Next Overwatch event Reinhardt Mei Tracer Brigitte
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TEASERS FOR OW2? - Should Blizzard start using its' events to build up to the eventual release of Overwatch 2?

These include new skins, emotes, victory poses, highlight intros, and more. But, what's better is that all the old event-limited cosmetic items are available too!


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So, if you missed out on a Roadhog skin from last year, there's a chance you can get it this time around. Alternatively, you can spend in-game coins on event-limited cosmetics during the event like you can standard skins.

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We can't imagine Blizzard is going to change things for the next Overwatch event but we'll keep this updated as and when more information is revealed.

The Summer Games

Following this, the Overwatch Summer Games often begins in early August and marks the return of Lucioball for an exciting three-week period.

This limited-time game mode plays a little like Rocket League, but everyone is Lucio and has recently featured both a casual and competitive playlist.

next Overwatch event Torbjorn Summer Games
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WE TAKE IT BACK! - Okay, this event might have the best skins

The cosmetics for this event are all based on sporting attire or "summer" themed, as you might imagine.


We're expecting something familiar from this years' Summer Games as it doesn't change very often. A new Lucioball Arena would be nice, though!

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Blizzard often teases their new event-limited cosmetics for upcoming events a few days before the event launches so keep an eye on their social media channels for the latest.

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