How to Watch the Xbox 20th Anniversary Live Stream

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Xbox have been going for an awfully long time so they know how to get their players invested. Today, we're expecting big follow-ups, hits of nostalgia and more than a few surprises.

Here's how you can watch the stream.


Latest - It Starts Today

The latest Xbox stream is finally almost here. You can watch it for yourself today.

Look down below for all the information you need beforehand.

How to Watch the Xbox 20th Anniversary Live Stream

As we've already mentioned, the live stream is taking place on Monday, 15 November. There's a good reason for this, it's the exact 20th anniversary of the original Xbox console! The show will start at 10:00 PT / 13:00 ET / 18:00 GMT.


The stream can be caught on the official Xbox YouTube, Twitch or Facebook channels. Streamers and content creators can co-stream the event but are warned that copyright music could be an issue so be careful!

What to Expect

It's crazy to think that it's been 20 whole years since that chunky black X came into our lives. Originally planned to be the DirectX box, it's safe to say the name they ended up one sounds a lot catchier.


This event is a way to honour and celebrate the last 20 years more than looking to what's next in terms of game reveals. We could, however, see some announcements of past Xbox titles being given a slight update for Backwards Compatibility.

xbox anniversary stream details

It's also possible that the big Halo Infinite announcement could be made during the show where the multiplayer for the game will be released immediately.

Finally, we would hope to see some Xbox Game Pass announcements too because it's always nice to see the service grow and expand its incredible value for money offering.