WWE 2K22 Roster: Rey Mysterio variants and 25+ new ratings revealed

The WWE 2K22 Roster Reveal with G4TV and Up Up Down Down has finally arrived, and in a full 90 minutes of games and content they dropped over 25 new ratings.

We've got details on all the new WWE 2K22 Ratings that were revealed as well as the multiple Rey Mysterio variants shown with their own individual overalls.

WWE 2K22 Roster Reveal: Over 25 new ratings revealed

The WWE 2K22 roster continues to take shape with more reveals each day, but they've now dropped the biggest reveal so far.

The latest WWE 2K22 ratings reveal confirmed multiple superstars for the game, and in the process they revealed more than 25 new ratings that hadn't previously been announced.

WWE 2K22 ratings roster
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THE HORSEWOMEN: Bayley got to watch the other three get revealed

Bayley and Xavier Woods were there for the duration of the reveals to offer their predictions and opinions on where things fell, including their own ratings which were saved for the end of the broadcast.

Without further ado, here is every single newly revealed WWE 2K22 overall rating:

  • Angelo Dawkins - 80 Overall Rating
  • AJ Styles - 91 Overall Rating
  • Bayley - 88 Overall Rating
  • Becky Lynch - 92 Overall Rating
  • Beth Phoenix - 87 Overall Rating
  • Cesaro - 84 Overall Rating
  • Charlotte Flair - 90 Overall Rating
  • Dominik Mysterio - 79 Overall Rating
  • Edge - 91 Overall Rating
  • Happy Corbin - 81 Overall Rating
  • Jey Uso - 85 Overall Rating
  • Jimmy Uso - 85 Overall Rating
  • Kofi Kingston - 88 Overall Rating
  • Liv Morgan - 77 Overall Rating
  • Matt Riddle - 85 Overall Rating
  • The Miz 2011 - 90 Overall Rating
  • The Miz 2022 - 86 Overall Rating
  • Montez Ford - 82 Overall Rating
  • Natalya - 84 Overall Rating
  • Naomi - 79 Overall Rating
  • Ricochet - 82 Overall Rating
  • Sami Zayn - 80 Overall Rating
  • Sasha Banks - 88 Overall Rating
  • Seth Rollins - 91 Overall Rating
  • Shayna Baszler - 84 Overall Rating
  • Xavier Woods - 86 Overall Rating

That's just the new additions, as we've got details here on all the WWE 2K22 ratings that have been confirmed for the game so far.

WWE 2K22 ratings revealed for several Rey Mysterio variants

WWE 2K22 cover athlete Rey Mysterio will get a clear focus in the game, as he's the star of this year's WWE 2K Showcase Mode.

Between that mode, and the unforgettable gear Mysterio has had so many times throughout his career, it's no shocker that we'll get several variants this year.

Not only that, but we've got individually revealed overalls for 7 different Rey Mysterio variants, with one getting so specific it's a different rating for a single month.

Here are all 7 Rey Mysterio ratings we learned about this time:

  • Rey Mysterio 2005 - 84 Overall Rating
  • Rey Mysterio 2006 - 87 Overall Rating
  • Rey Mysterio 2008 - 86 Overall Rating
  • Rey Mysterio 2009 - 88 Overall Rating
  • Rey Mysterio Dec. 2009 - 87 Overall Rating
  • Rey Mysterio 2011 - 88 Overall Rating
  • Rey Mysterio 2022 - 90 Overall Rating

In addition to those versions, we know that a Rey Mysterio '96 version from his WCW Starrcade appearances is available for players on next gen who get the Starrcade '96 Mysterio Pack, but that variant's rating was not revealed.

We've got more details here on how to pre order WWE 2K22 and what the various editions of the game will come with this year.

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