WWE 2K22 Download Size: How to preload, unlock date revealed for all platforms

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The WWE 2K22 download size has already been revealed as we look ahead to an official release date in just over one month.

We've got full details on how to preload WWE 2K22, the file size you'll need to clear space for, and when the game is expected to unlock for all platforms.

WWE 2K22 Download Size on All Platforms


We're just a handful of weeks away from the launch of WWE 2K22, but thanks to one leak we've already learned details on the download size you'll have to make room for.

As was recently revealed, WWE 2K22 will have an official release date of Friday, March 11, 2022, but some players will be able to start playing even sooner.

WWE 2K22 Early Access kicks in on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, and it's available exclusively to those who place a pre order for the Deluxe Edition or nWo 4 Life Edition of WWE 2K22.

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WWE 2K22 download size
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If you're hoping to hit the ground running at any of those points, you'll need to get things installed ahead of time, and that begins with freeing up space on your platform of choice.

As reported by PlayStation Game Size, the WWE 2K22 file has shown up on the PlayStation Store with an official download size of 47.229 GB without a potential Day One Patch.

We're still waiting on confirmation of file size on other platforms, but with no features specific to a given version this year we don't expect the download size to vary much between platforms.


It's also worth noting that this file size isn't particularly different than the approximate size when WWE 2K20 was released, though the redesigns and new fighting engine Visual Concepts crafted for this game wouldn't necessarily guarantee a larger file.

The more likely impact on file size is the game's roster, which may end up being smaller in overall numbers that was done for WWE 2K20, though the quality so far looks to be far ahead of what we saw last time.


How to Preload WWE 2K22, Unlock Time

The method and specifics of being able to preload WWE 2K22 prior to release are going to vary between platforms, but the first news from PlayStation Game Size gives us a good starting point.

As of now, WWE 2K22 is expected to go live for preload on March 9, 2022 if you've placed a pre order for the Standard Edition and on March 6, 2022 if you've placed a pre order for the Deluxe Edition or nWo 4 Life Edition.

For users on PS4 and PS5, those times should mark when the preload can begin, and it should allow ample time to install ahead of launch.

The method is a bit different on Xbox. While you can likely wait for those dates to preload via the console, you can preload WWE 2K22 even earlier if you're using the Xbox app.

When you search titles on the app, you can actually install any fully uploaded live title to your console remotely (if you've activated that feature on the console). That means even the preload date shouldn't be an issue once the game itself is accessible to the Microsoft Store.

As for PC users on Steam, it can sometimes have issues with preload going live on time, but we expect them to target the same preload date that is being used for PS4 and PS5.


While it's not yet been confirmed, we expect the unlock time for WWE 2K22 to be Midnight ET on March 8, 2022 or March 11, 2022 depending on whether you have Early Access. For clarity, that would be an unlock time 11pm CT on March 7, 2022 or March 10, 2022 if players are in Central Time.

This is the same unlock time that was used for NBA 2K22 last year, and with the same publisher we expect WWE 2K22 not to diverge from that model.