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WoW Shadowlands 9.2 DPS Rankings: What are the best specs to play in the new update?

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A new World of Warcraft Shadowlands patch means a whole new set of class balancing that will change up the DPS rankings and for patch 9.2 that won't be any different.

In every World of Warcraft patch, some classes outperform others, regardless of the role. This is especially seen in the DPS role where due to the sheer number of classes and specs in the role huge differences can be seen.

But with a new patch comes a whole new set of expectations that emerge, usually—barring a significant nerf—DPS rankings don't shift too much. But sometimes this changes due to patch moves and with 9.2 not only bringing class balancing but bringing tier sets back again, it'll undoubtedly change.

So with that in mind, here's our list for the top 10 best WoW Shadowlands 9.2 DPS specs to play in the new update.

Shadowlands 9.2: Top 10 Best DPS Specs

DPS classes are somewhat hard to rank as each brings a different set of utility while also excelling in different environments and fight types.

For this list, we'll look to factor in Shadowlands 9.1.5 parse data from Sanctum of Domination as well as upcoming Tier Set bonuses, Covenant Legendary effects, and Shadowlands 9.2 balance changes to break down some of the best DPS classes to play in the new update.

With that, let's dive right into our predictions for the best Shadowlands 9.2 DPS.

Balance Druid

Balance Druids are simply off the charts when it comes to DPS with a mix of terrific single-target burst and AoE damage alike. This combo makes Balance Druids a great multitool that will never be out of its element in raid content.

WoW Shadowlands 9.2 Class Balance Druid
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
POWERFUL: Balance Druids pack a tremendous punch and with their new tier additions they will be even stronger

In Shadowlands 9.2, Boomkins are likely to remain at the top as they not only dodged nerfs but picked up some big bonuses from their tier set offering 25% more effectiveness from Fury of Elune and reducing the cost of Starsurge and Starfall by 20% in Eclipse. It also synergizes well with their non-Covenant legendary, which increases the duration of Ravenous Fury by 0.2 per application.

Assassination Rogue

Although not as strong as Balance Druids, Assassination Rogues are immensely strong in single target DPS all while containing solid AoE.

For 9.2, we expect Assassination Rogues to remain at the top as they evaded nerfs and attained buffs via their tier set giving them 40% increased damage from Poisons and Bleeds and having Vendetta cause them to expire 100% faster.

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Subtlety Rogue

Like Assassination Rogues, Subtlety Rogues also contain strong amounts of single target DPS but have even greater AoE capabilities.

In the new update, we see Subtlety Rogues still performing well but might suffer due to inconsistencies in their tier as their 2-set gives Shadowstrike a 15% chance to grant Shadowblades for 5 sec while their 4-set gives their finishing moves a 3% chance per combo point cast to cast Shadowstrike up to 5 enemies within 15 yards.

For those willing to stomach the RNG, Sub Rogue is a great place to be.

Fury Warrior

Although a bit weaker on the single target side compared to other classes on the list, Fury Warriors are pretty much the kings of sustained cleave while also being great at AoE.

With the new patch, we not only see Fury Warrior staying amongst the top, but we see it get even better due to its buffs to single target damage with its new tier that will increase the damage of Raging Blow by 15% and give it an additional charge, as well as giving it a 20% chance to grant Recklessness for 4 sec.

Havoc Demon Hunter

Sometimes seen as a lesser but different Fury Warrior, Havoc Demon Hunters have great single target DPS while also having solid sustained cleave and AoE.

WoW Shadowlands 9.2 Class Havoc Demon Hunter
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
GENERAL: Havoc Demon Hunters are a boon to any group due to their strong single target, cleave and AoE

Their chances of staying amongst the top aren't too great due to their lackluster tier set that increases the damage of Death Sweep/Blade Dance and Annihilation/Chaos Strike by 20% while increasing Metamorphosis' duration by 6 and reducing its cooldown by 1 sec per 60 Fury spent.

Arms Warrior

Like Fury Warriors, Arms Warriors also contain strong sustained cleave and do great AoE burst damage. However, they don't have powerful single target burst cooldowns that many raid teams will look for on raid boss progression.

In 9.2, although their lack of single target burst cooldowns doesn't get addressed, they will receive more consistency via their tier set as not only does it increase Colossus Smash's duration by 3 sec and increases damage dealt to affected enemies by 5%, but it also gives Tactician a 50% increase chance to proc against enemies with Colossus Smash and causes Overpower to grant 2% Strength stacking up to 8% for 15 sec.

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Windwalker Monk

As opposed to the other melee specs already mentioned in this list, Windwalker Monks are a jack of all trades. They contain both strong burst and sustained stacked AoE and Cleave but lack in the sustained single-target damage department.

Due to that, for Shadowlands 9.2 we expect them to drop a bit on the list. This is mainly due to their Necrolord Covenant Ability, Bonedust Brew, being nerfed, making it so it no longer crits and instead just has a base 5% damage increase. In light of this, their tier set is average and not exciting.

A 40% increase to Fists of Fury is great for combating the classes' single-target damage issue but at the end of the day, it won't be overwhelming.

Fire Mage

From their terrific single target and AoE burst to them not having to sacrifice much single target damage for cleave, Fire Mages are a terrific addition to any group. This has been the case since the expansion's launch and we don't see it changing anytime soon.

In 9.2, we expect Fire Mages to still remain amongst the top 10 list, possibly even climbing a few ranks and this is due to various reasons. First is the second legendary they will utilize, namely Venthyr's Sinful Delight which gives them another Fire Blast charge. And second, will be their tier set that not only increases Combustion's duration by 2 seconds but also causes Fire Blast and Phoenix Flames to recharge 50% faster while it is active.

When you combine everything together, it's just a perfectly synergized almost on-demand burst machine that will make sure that whatever is being hit burns to a crisp.

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Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shamans can be seen as the jack of all trades for ranged as although they don't have impressive bursts in both single target and AoE and lack a bit of single target damage, they still have terrific funnel damage and have strong sustained damage while on the move.

WoW Shadowlands 9.2 Class Elemental Shaman
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
PROGRESSION: Thanks to 9.2's tier sets, Elemental Shamans are growing stronger

For 9.2, we only see them getting better as their tier set improves their current weak spot of single target damage due to it increasing Lava Burst's damage by 20% while your Storm or Fire Elemental is active, additionally, it gives you a Lava Surge proc every 8 seconds. That's not all, as casting Lava Burst extends the duration of your Storm or Fire Elemental by 1.5 sec and if none of the elementals are active, Lava Burst has a 20% chance to reduce its remaining cooldown by 10 sec instead.

Out of all of the tier sets in this list, this might be perhaps the strongest one of all, giving this spec a serious boost in the Shadowlands 9.2 DPS race.

Retribution Paladin

With their cooldowns, Retribution Paladins are both great at single target and AoE burst but outside of that, their sustained damage can be fairly lackluster compared to the rest of the upper echelon.

With 9.2, we see them possibly dropping out of the top 10 list as chances are they are going to be replaced by some of the classes that were on the cusp of breaking through finally making the list due to tier pieces and second legendaries.

Unfortunately for them, their tier set is probably one of the least favored out of all of the DPS specs in the game as although it's an overall decent damage increase due to it being a tier set, it's just that, a damage increase. Getting Seraphim for 3 sec upon getting an Art of War proc and Art of War having a 50% chance to reset the cooldown of Wake of Ashes instead of Blade of Justice just doesn't cut it for a class that already suffers outside of cooldowns.

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