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UFC 4 PC: Release Date, Requirements, Next-Gen, Hidden Teasers, Roster, Trailer, New Mechanics & More

For years now, PC gamers have been crying out for an up to date fighting game, having been excluded from the action of previous UFC titles.

So will things be any different for them this time around for UFC 4?

Continue below for all of the details.

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Will it come to PC?

UFC 4 will be coming out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Friday 14 August, but this has PC players up in arms.

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TO DARE IS TO DO: This user has had enough and wants the cause to gain some momentum!


PC fans of the UFC have gone as far as creating a petition on change.org!


While the idea of using activism to get change is important, it is important to remember that the gaming partnerships are very complicated and tricky to come by.

ufc 4 takedown clinch gameplay 1
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FLUIDITY IS KEY: Move seamlessly from close striking to the clinch or a takedown


While we would love to see UFC 4 come to PC, it would probably be a better idea to direct the petition at... well, not the British government!

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And it’s still unclear as to whether PS5 will support UFC 4 with backwards compatibility since it will only support a small list of titles.

Hidden Teasers

On top of the insane roster of fighters that UFC 4 will feature, there were a couple of fighters teased in the trailer.

One of them is deemed a mater of martial arts, while the other recently rose to notoriety thanks to footage being leaked from his street fights.

Bruce Lee

The footage of Bruce Lee in UFC 4 was so fast you could barely see it!

UFC 4 1 1
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LEGEND: The iconic martial artist appears to be performing one of his signature strikes

For fans of Bruce Lee, parallels between this strike and his famous ‘one-inch punch’ will surely be made.

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It looks like Bruce Lee will be playable, as he was in UFC 3, and we can’t wait to see how his iconic fighting style is represented in the game.

Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice (Kevin Ferguson) is a mixed martial artist that rose to the ring from a background in street fighting.

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SLICE OF THE ACTION: The mixed martial artist looks set to be playable in the game

In the small piece of footage in the trailer, we see Kimbo Slice deliver a crushingly powerful blow, which he is known for relying on.

New Mechanics

A load of gameplay elements from UFC 3 have been updated, following widespread criticism from owners of the title.

ufc 4 gameplay generic 1
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TWIST AND SHOUT: Escape deadly ground positions with new defensive head movements

UFC 4 is expected to feature:

  • New dynamic striking controls that adopt a Tap or Hold System
  • A new Clinch and Takedown System
  • Updated Ground Game and Submissions

All of this should provide an experience that feels entirely separate from the last, and we couldn't be more excited to try it out!

For the full list of new features and mechanics, head on over to the UFC 4 Gameplay piece.

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