How Old is Ryu in Street Fighter 6?

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Ryu in SF6

The character that we are going to talk about is a true veteran of this series and this fact makes many fans wonder how old Ryu in Street Fighter 6 is. He has been the protagonist of these games since the very first Street Fighter, which was an arcade game.

So, we are going to tell you Ryu’s age in SF6 and this information may shock you. He does not look old and it’s hard to imagine that he has been with us for such a long period of time.

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How old is Ryu in SF6

The timeline of the SF universe constantly changes and gets retconned. However, Ryu’s birthday is July 21st, 1964.

Ryu in SF6
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So, during the events of Street Fight 6, he should be in his 40s. We assume that he is 43 years old. This age is quite impressive given the fact that he doesn't look that old.

Who is Ryu in SF6?

Well, it’s hard to know what Street Fighter is without knowing its main poster boy. Ryu is the guy in a white karate uniform who is able to perform the famous Hadouken. Also, he can use other popular special moves and is one of the most iconic characters in the entire genre.

He is the protagonist of Street Fighter 1, which is the first game that can be considered "modern" fighting. Before its release, the games of this genre were less developed, and SF1 became an example that all the later titles tried to follow.


So, it's good to see that the protagonist of such an important game is still alive and kicking. He keeps most of his iconic moves and is very fun to play. So, if you still can't choose who you want to main, then we would recommend you pay attention to Ryu.

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