Rocket League Season 5: What time does the Season 5 update release?

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Rocket League Season 5 is so close to release and there are still some unsolved questions. Here's the exact time you can play it for yourself.

LATEST - Season 5 finally starts tomorrow

After weeks of teases, the latest season of Rocket League is finally almost here. As of tomorrow, you can get in there for yourself.


LATEST - When do we get Patch Notes?

New content isn't going to be the only thing we get to see in Rocket League Season 5, there's going to be a lot of changes behind the scenes too. However, at the moment, we don't have any actual Patch Notes to talk about.

We should have something resembling Patch Notes drop around the same time as the Season 5 update, but there's no telling if they'll release before or not. For now, though, we know about the Season 4 Ranked Rewards...

  • Season 4 Competitive Rewards
    • Bronze I or higher – Season 4 – Bronze Wheels
    • Silver I or higher – Season 4 – Silver Wheels + lower Wheels
    • Gold I or higher – Season 4 – Gold Wheels + lower Wheels
    • Platinum I or higher – Season 4 – Platinum Wheels + lower Wheels
    • Diamond I or higher – Season 4 – Diamond Wheels + lower Wheels
    • Champion I or higher – Season 4 – Champion Wheels + lower Wheels
    • Grand Champion I – Season 4 – Grand Champion Wheels + lower Wheels
    • Supersonic Legend – Season 4 – Supersonic Legend Wheels + lower Wheels
  • Grand Champion Title Rewards
    • Competitive Grand Champion: "S4 GRAND CHAMPION" in Crimson text
    • Rumble Grand Champion: "S4 RNG CHAMP" in Crimson text
    • Hoops Grand Champion: "S4 DUNK MASTER" in Crimson text
    • Snow Day Grand Champion: "S4 BLIZZARD WIZARD" in Crimson text
    • Dropshot Grand Champion: "S4 FLOOR DESTROYER" in Crimson text
  • Supersonic Legend Title Rewards
    • Competitive Supersonic Legend: "S4 SUPERSONIC LEGEND" in Titanium White text
    • Rumble Supersonic Legend: "S4 RNGENIUS" in Titanium White text
    • Hoops Supersonic Legend: "S4 LEGENDARY BALLER" in Titanium White text
    • Snow Day Supersonic Legend: "S4 ICE TITAN" in Titanium White text
    • Dropshot Supersonic Legend: "S4 TILE ANNIHILATOR" in Titanium White text

START DATE - When does Season 5 begin?

Rocket League's fifth season is due to start on November 17th. At the moment, we don't know when the content is due to go live in-game. However, if it isn't at midnight it should be something like the following:

  • 10:00 November 17th PST
  • 13:00 November 17th EST
  • 18:00 November 17th GMT

That being said, we don know when the Season 5 update is due to be released. If you want to make sure you're prepared, keep an eye out for an update at the following times:

  • 16:00 November 16th PST
  • 19:00 November 16th EST
  • 00:00 November 17th GMT

SEASON 5 - It's out of this world!

Rocket League's next season of content is going to be worth checking out - here's everything you need to know about what's on the way...

  • Season 5 Rocket Pass
    • At the moment, we know that the following items will be included:
      • Nexus New Car
      • Spacedirt Paint Finish
      • Hyperspace Animated Decal
      • Cosmosis Goal Explosion
    • More information about the Season 5 Rocket Pass is due on November 16th
Rocket League Season 5 Start Date
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COSMIC - Do you think this season looks good?
  • New Arena Variant
    • The Starbase Arc Arena has been invaded and a new "Aftermath" variant will be available in Season 5
  • New LTM Variant
    • Heatseeker is coming back to Rocket League in Season 5, but there's a twist. This is going to be played on three Rocket Labs Arenas, offering a new experience that should offer chaotic results
    • Arenas in use:
      • Barricade
      • Colossus
      • Hourglass

Psyonix has also confirmed that there's going to be a series of minor updates in a title update following Season 5's launch. You can check out the latest on that here.