NHL 22 Update 1.10 Patch Notes: HUT fixes arrive ahead of Early Access launch

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NHL 22 has finally reached those that preordered the X Factor edition with early access beyond just the 10 hour EA Play Trial, and a new update is live to smooth things out for launch, NHL 22 Update 1.10!

This update improves the game's performance and fixes some important bugs across HUT 22 from RUSH to Rivals.

Here's everything you need to know about NHL 22 Update 1.10.

Release Time

NHL 22 Update 1.10 went live at roughly 8pm EST - just ahead of early access launch for those preordering the NHL 22 X Factor Edition.

NHL 22 new jersey devils tunnel
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GAME TIME: NHL 22 is now playable for those that have preordered the X Factor Edition, and full release is close

If you still haven't put in your NHL 22 preorder, check out all your options here!

File Size

NHL 22 Update 1.10 is an extremely small update, and EA has not released the file size information yet, but it will be finished before you know it.

You won't have to worry about clearing hard drive space for this one.

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Patch Notes

NHL 22 Update 1.10 has a small set of patch notes, with more general improvements being targeted as well as some important bug fixes for HUT.

NHL 22 Boston Bruins captain patrice bergeron
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ALL OF THE LIGHTS: It's time to go big in NHL 22 HUT with new performance improvements

These changes include:

  • Fixing desync issues in NHL 22 HUT Rivals
  • Fixing desync issues in NHL 22 HUT Rush games
  • Stability fixes across all game modes
  • General performance improvements

What's Coming Next?

With players now able to hop into NHL 22 beyond the 10 hour EA Play Trial, preorder rewards are finally live.

NHL 22 chicago blackhawks
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SHOWTIME: NHL 22 is ready to turn heads as the best hockey game made to date

This means HUT Diamond Choice Packs for those looking to push their Hockey Ultimate team to the top this year, and some other rewards across World of Chel and Be a Pro as well!

Like most new releases, NHL 22 is experiencing some issues with some players receiving their preorder rewards.


Hopefully these missing rewards are addressed in a future update, along with some other bug fixes including issues editing lines in HUT, botched camera zooms, model collisions, animations, and more across all game modes.

On October 13th, players that preorder the NHL 22 X Factor Edition were finally able to launch NHL 22 and get started. For other players, October 15th can't come soon enough, as the full launch day for all other versions of NHL 22!

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