10 Nov 2021 10:29 PM +00:00 UTC

NHL 22 HUT: Compensation Rewards for World of Chel and Hockey Ultimate Team available NOW

Although some NHL 22 players had trouble logging onto World of Chel and HUT 22 over the weekend, EA is prepared to make it right.

They did this by announcing the compensation rewards that are available for the players who ran into these issues. These rewards span across both modes in NHL 22.

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To learn what rewards you'll receive and what the requirements are to receive them, keep reading.


NHL 22 HUT: Compensation Rewards

If you have yet to hear the great news from NHL 22, there are compensation rewards available for players who struggled with connectivity issues this weekend.

The main issue wasn't in the regular modes of the game, just HUT 22 and World of Chel. If you had trouble logging in or you got kicked out of games, you're entitled to rewards!

However, there are some requirements you'll have to meet in order to claim your NHL 22 HUT Compensation Rewards.


NHL 22 Compensation Rewards Requirements

The requirements to claim these rewards in HUT 22 and World of Chel are fairly simple and were put in place to make sure that only the players who struggled over the weekend are privy to them.

Here are the requirements to claim the compensation rewards:

  • All HUT Players who qualified for last weekends HUT Champions
  • All HUT Players who logged in between Nov. 4 10 AM PT - Nov. 8 12 PM PT
  • All WOC Players

Each one of these requirements comes with specific NHL 22 rewards which we'll get into below.

The Compensation Rewards explained

So each tier of HUT 22 and World of Chel rewards corresponds with a different requirement. The good news is, you could technically claim all of the rewards if you fall into each category.

Furthermore, if you don't fit into any requirements above, you won't be able to claim any rewards, so keep that in mind if you don't see any free rewards when you log onto NHL 22.

NHL 22 World of Chel rewards
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INCOMING: If you logged in this weekend you should have some NHL 22 rewards

These are the rewards for each requirement:

  • HUT Champions Qualifiers: +2000 HUT Champion Points & 3 HUT Champion Collectibles
  • HUT Login Players: Elite Pack (untradeable)
  • All WOC Players: Player Appreciation Bag

Be sure to log into NHL 22 soon and claim the rewards, an expiration date hasn't been set yet.