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01 Sep 2020

It's time for NHL 21 to expand Career Mode - Be A Pro, New Features, EA Roadmap & more

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Latest News - Be a Pro Feature Announcement Roadmap

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NHL 21 Be A Pro Wishlist

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Release Date

EA's NHL series has put plenty of work into adding new and exciting game modes, which showed in NHL 20 - but for the NHL 21 Career Mode, Be A Pro, we expect some upgrades.

Career Mode is a staple of sports games today, and rival sports franchises have massively expanded their Career Mode options, leaving the NHL game's version in the dust.

This is where the games could catch up with the fanbases of the other major sports titles.

With this in mind, let's go over what we'd like to see included in Career Mode for NHL 21.

Latest News - Be a Pro Feature Announcement Roadmap

NHL 21's Be a Pro game mode is on the roadmap for feature announcements released by EA.

nhl 21 update schedule

According to the schedule, we'll get some announcements for Be a Pro in early October!

This means we can expect some significant work to come.

NHL 21 Be A Pro Wishlist

EA would should start by importing some features from its other games to NHL 21's Career Mode, Be A Pro. They could also use some inspiration from the massively advanced NBA 2K MyCAREER.

CHOOSE YOUR PATH: How will your career end up in NHL 21's Career Mode?

Some distinct features that the NHL series is currently lacking for the mode include more cutscenes, storylines, dialogue choices, sponsorships, and relationships.

These elements bring a spark to Career Mode that would be perfect for NHL 21 to make a statement.

This is especially true with NHL 21 forgoing a Next-Gen Edition optimized for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The team will instead rely on players to use forward compatibility to play the game on next-gen consoles.

Release Date

NHL 21's release date is 16 October, so there's still some time to add additional work into Career Mode.

nhl 21 release date

COMING SOON: NHL 21 is just around the corner!

With the dev team updating about the game stating their focus was on new features for current-gen consoles, this would align perfectly with expanding Be A Pro.