PES 2020: Konami will update the graphics engine for next gen consoles

It's the end of the road for Fox Engine come next gen - but for Xbox One and PS4 it'll be staying.

Konami plans to ditch the Fox Engine and upgrade for the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Scarlett – but on current gen, Fox will ‘remain forever’.

Speaking to WinPes, Konami’s Kei Matsuda revealed: “Our plans focus on the version of the game that is relevant at this time.

“Updating such technologies is a very risky step. Before creating or releasing anything, you need to evaluate all the risks.”

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“In the future we plan to change the main engine, but this will not happen before the time when a new generation of game consoles will appear.

“On the current generation, the FOX engine will remain forever. We are not planning any changes.”

Although Konami didn’t hint at time frames, we can be certain a new engine – most likely Unreal 4, which is currently used on PES Mobile, will be revealed for next year’s iteration of the game.

The Allianz will only be available in PES 2020 this year

Elsewhere, European PES brand manager, Lennart Bonzein, has revealed to RealSport that the team has taken on as much feedback as possible to create the game Pro Evo fans deserve – especially given the negative reception to PES 2019.

“Obviously we’ve noticed feedback from our fans over the past year,” he said. “We’ve noticed it, we’ve passed it on to our development team and they looked into it and tried and change as much as possible.

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Talal Musa