Why are these NBA 2K22 player ratings so low?

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The NBA 2K22 ratings are usually pretty forthright in how they work. Usually, when players perform well, they end up seeing an adjustment.

It works the same for players who underperform as well, Damian Lillard being a great example. However, we have a few players who have yet to see a boost even though they're lighting up the stat sheet.

Let's take a look at these NBA 2K22 ratings and who we think deserves a second look.

Why are these NBA 2K22 ratings so low?

Of course, this is something that could be addressed in the next NBA 2K22 update. However, we were surprised not to get a ratings adjustment in NBA 2K22 Update 1.09.

Hopefully, the players we're going to mention below will receive some attention once Season 4 rolls out in just a few days.

NBA 2K22 ratings update
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BRAD BEAL: Will the Wizards superstar get a boost to his rating?

We have five players that we feel need an update to their NBA 2K22 ratings. We'll provide reasons for this too so you don't think we're playing favorites.

Let's start with our first NBA 2K22 rating that should be adjusted.

Buddy Hield (SAC) - SG/SF - 81 (+2)

Currently, Buddy Hield has an NBA 2K22 rating of 79, which we think is rather strange. Hield averages 15.4 points per game. He's also an efficient three-point shooter in the NBA.

In terms of three-pointers made per game, Hield ranks at No.3 with 3.6 per game. He's not very far from the 97 OVR Stephen Curry. We'd like to see a +2 boost to Buddy Hield.

Fred VanVleet (TOR) - SG/PG - 84 (+1)

Fred VanVleet never ceases to impress us every year and yet, his NBA 2K22 rating doesn't do him justice. He averages, 22 ppg, 5.0 rebounds per game, and 6.7 assists per game.

NBA 2K22 ratings VanVleet
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RAPTORS RATINGS: A few players on the Raptors need a second look

He leads the Toronto Raptors in points per game and assists per game. He's also one of the main reasons they're No.7 in the Eastern Conference. Let's see VanVleet get some NBA 2K22 ratings love.

Bradley Beal (WAS) - SG/PG - 89 OVR (+2)

If we had to pick a personal favorite list in the NBA, Bradley Beal would likely make that list. He's an incredible leader and is ranked 13th in the NBA for points per game (24.0). Somehow, he's only an 87 OVR in NBA 2K22 right now.

He's also 18th in assists, dealing out an average of 6.4 each game. At the beginning of December, he was an 89 OVR, we think it's time NBA 2K22 puts him back at 89 OVR.

Zach Lavine (CHI) - SG/SF - 89 OVR (+1)

Zach Lavine is similar to players like Dominique Wilkins. Everyone knows them for their dunking ability, but forget how talented they are on all levels, especially shooting.

NBA 2K22 ratings Zach Lavine
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YOUNG BULL: Hopefully, Zach Lavine can get some attention this time

Zach Lavine ranks just behind DeMar DeRozan in points per game at 26.2. However, what people forget is that Lavine is shooting 41.1% from beyond the arc. He could at least see an NBA 2K22 ratings boost to 89 OVR.

Chris Paul (PHX) - PG - 89 OVR (+1)

Our last pick for an NBA 2K22 ratings upgrade is the assist leader for the Phoenix Suns. We've lobbied for Chris Paul a few times to no avail, in fact, his rating keeps dropping. He's gone from a 90 OVR at launch to an 88 OVR today.


The only reason we think this is happening is that he only averages 14.0 points per game. However, his ability to put up 10.0 assists per game is remarkable. He easily leads the league and is essentially scoring because of the opportunities he creates.

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