When does NBA 2K22 Season 8 begin?

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Today, players are asking the question, when does Season 8 of NBA 2K22 begin? Today, we intend to answer that question.

Along with that, we'll take a look at the rewards that were revealed for MyTEAM and MyCAREER. This way you'll know what you're working towards.

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Let's get you ready to go for gold in Season 8.


When does Season 8 of NBA 2K22 begin?

With only a few days left to the start, Season 8 of NBA 2K22 will begin on July 1, 2022, bringing you six more weeks of action.

The Level 40 rewards for both MyTEAM and MyCAREER were revealed, which we'll get into later. For now, take a look at the Season 8 reveal trailer.

As you can see, Shaquille O'Neal is the main focus during Season 8 of NBA 2K22, but it's not all about him. Dark Matter Cards for him and Kobe Bryant will both continue to release in Season 8.


Speaking of those rewards, let's take a look at what Season 8 will deliver in NBA 2K22 for MyTEAM.

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Season 8 MyTEAM Rewards

MyTEAM is an area where plenty of NBA 2K22 players will spend their time during Season 8, especially with all of the rewards.

For the Level 40 reward, players will earn the End Game Nikola Jokic. Even if you don't hit Level 40, you'll have a ton of incredible cards availble.

NBA 2K22 Season 8
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REWARDS: There is a lot on the line for players in Season 8

Invincible cards are also on the menu, giving you a ton of chances to build up your NBA 2K22 MyTEAM lineup.

Here's the breakdown of all the Invincible rewards in Season 8:

  • Unlimited Galaxy Opal Tier – Invincible Grant Hill
  • Triple Threat Online: The 100 – Invincible Pete Maravich
  • 2,000 Triple Threat Wins – Invincible Dominique Wilkins
  • Triple Threat Vault – Invincible Elgin Baylor
  • Season Ascension – Invincible Darryl Dawkins
  • MyTEAM: Draft – Invincible Jerry West
  • Dark Matter Token Reward Market – Invincible Julius Erving

To learn more about the rewards available in Season 8 of MyTEAM, follow this link.

Season 8 MyCAREER Rewards

MyCAREER in NBA 2K22 Season 8 is a little light this month. However, there are still a few things for players to do during the next six weeks.

The reward for this season are the Dash2K shoes, allowing you to speed around town. Not interested, that's okay, there is still a ton left to do, including new The City and Cancha Del Mar Events.

NBA 2K22 Season 8
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RUN THE CITY: Work your way up to grab as many rewards as possible

These Season 8 MyCAREER rewards will be up for grabs on the road to Level 40:

  • Gold Goggles
  • Gold Basketball Jersey
  • Gold Long Shorts
  • Gold Arm Sleeve
  • Gold Hat
  • Gold Tee
  • Gold Suit

As it would seem, gold is a theme in Season 8 for NBA 2K22 MyCAREER. Along with this, players will receive an all-new Slime Skin for their Go-Kart at Level 30 to zip around The City or Cancha Del Mar in style.

To learn more about MyCAREER, be sure to check out our Season 8 breakdown here.