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NBA 2K22 and NHL 22 discounted during the PlayStation Spring Sale

The PlayStation Spring Sale is underway in the PlayStation Store and will give you the chance to grab NBA 2K22 and NHL 22 at a discount.

We've got the new prices for the game and the reasons why you should check them out before the sale ends.

Let's take a look at NBA 2K22 and NHL 22 during the PlayStation Spring Sale.

PlayStation Spring Sale NBA 2K22

Currently, the regular price for NBA 2K22 is $69.99, however, during the PlayStation Spring Sale, the price is being cut by 67%.

Now, you can get NBA 2K22 for $23.09 in the PlayStation Store and can get the 75th Anniversary Edition for just $32.99. You'll want to get in on the sale soon as it only lasts until April 27th.

NBA 2K22 Discount
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MEGA BUNDLE: Grab the Mega Bundle when you purchase the discounted deal

After purchasing NBA 2K22, you can pick up the Mega Bundle that's available now. When purchasing you'll receive the following rewards:

  • 75K VC
  • 2-Hour 2XP Coin
  • Nike T-Shirt
  • Jordan Joggers
  • Nike Boosted Arm Sleeve
  • Nike Air Foamposite One Weatherman Shoes
  • 6 Skill Boosts X10
  • Diamond Consumable Packs
  • 1 of 5 Featured Galaxy Opal Players

To learn more about NBA 2K22 and the Mega Bundle, follow this link.

PlayStation Spring Sale NHL 22

NHL 22 actually is discounted by even more than NBA 2K22 is. You can get the X-Factor Edition on PS4 and PS5 for $29.99.

This is a 70% discount that will be available and you can head to the PlayStation Store to purchase it today.

NBA 2K22 PlayStation Store discount
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X FACTOR EDITION: Take the ice with a ton of perks for a steep discount

Although there aren't as many perks in NHL 22 as there are in NBA 2K22, there is a ton of stuff to do. There's also been a new update to the game.

Here are the full NHL 22 Update 1.6 Patch Notes:

  • Added UBS Arena, home of the New York Islanders into the game
  • Fixed multiple cases where the puck was accelerating off the boards at unrealistic speeds and angles
  • Fixed the Nashville Predators Stadium Series uniforms to have white numbers on the back of their uniforms

To learn about the rest of the NHL 22 patch notes, follow this link.

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