NBA 2K22: Cover athlete leak may have been false alarm

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Following a potential leak of the NBA 2K22 cover last month, we've now finally seen the official cover and found out if things were correct after all.

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We've got all the details you need about the NBA 2K22 cover with Luka Doncic, and what the previous leak got wrong.

Latest - Cover revealed, previous leak partially confirmed

The official cover for NBA 2K22 was revealed today, though it would be more accurate to say the covers were revealed.

Five different cover stars across four different covers were revealed today, and one of them does happen to be Luka Doncic.

NBA 2K22 covers
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COVER STARS: This year saw several major athletes selected

In addition, we know that WNBA star Candace Parker is gracing the first female cover in a GameStop exclusive, and the 75th Anniversary Edition will include legends Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

While the previously leaked cover now turns out to be incorrect, as the design is different, it was correct in predicting that Luka Doncic would be the primary cover athlete.

NBA 2K22 cover potentially leaked with Luka Doncic

According to a new image originally posted by leaker 2KIntel, it appeared the cover of NBA 2K22 had now been revealed.

NBA 2K22 cover athlete leak leaked luka doncic
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IS IT REAL: If true, this would confirm Doncic for the cover

The image showed a screenshot from the website Instant Gaming, which looks to be an early listing for the upcoming title.

The link is actually still live at this time, and the Luka Doncic cover shown is still visible on their website.


Could this be the real NBA 2K22 cover?

While this leaked cover looks official and lines up with earlier reporting and speculation that Luka Doncic could be the cover athlete this year, is it real?

The sad fact is we don't really know for sure, and it's already looking like this image is not in fact the legitimate cover of NBA 2K22.

The original tweet by 2KIntel has since been deleted, as another user replied that the Dallas Mavericks Instagram account had shared a wallpaper recently that was the same design at this supposed cover.

2KIntel followed up their deleted tweet with another that stated they are "still very positive that the normal edition will be Luka."

While all signs still point to Luka Doncic as the NBA 2K22 cover athlete, it looks like this particular image is likely not the official cover of NBA 2K22.