NBA 2K20: Who are the best passers in the game? – Lebron, Westbrook, Curry & more

Scoring buckets is fun, but you need players who can put them on a plate for you.

Tom Young by Tom Young

Everyone loves to score, there’s no debating that. To score though, you have to create space and the best way to do that is passing the ball around the court.

On NBA 2K20, the skill of passing is split into four key attributes: pass accuracy, pass IQ, pass vision and pass perception. We added up the stats of each current NBA players in each of these four sectors to give an overall score out of 396. Here are the seven best passers in NBA 2K20.


LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers

Pass Accuracy: 90

Pass IQ: 98

Pass Vision: 86

Pass Perception: 97 

Total score: 371

Arguably the best player ever, LeBron is not only the highest-rated player in NBA 2K20, he is also statistically the best passer of the ball. With over 16 years’ experience at the very top of the NBA, it is no surprise to see LeBron with a pass IQ of 98, higher than any other player on the game. His pass IQ is off the charts, as is his pass perception, pushing his score to the top of NBA 2K20.

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Chris Paul, Oklahoma City Thunder

Pass Accuracy: 88

Pass IQ: 88

Pass Vision: 86

Pass Perception: 95

Total score: 357 

New OKC man Chris Paul has a lot of expectation on his shoulders. The Thunder have lost their two star men Paul George and Russell Westbrook to the LA Clippers and Houston Rockets respectively, with Paul joining as part of the deal to send Westbrook to Houston.

However, if his 2K passing stats are anything to go by, he should be the main man in terms of creating buckets for his new teammates. Pass perception is the highest stat for the 34-year-old, with only LeBron ranking higher.


Russell Westbrook, Houston Rockets

Pass accuracy: 78

Pass IQ: 95

Pass Vision: 93

Pass Perception: 85

Total score: 351

With the highest assists per game average in the NBA last season, it is hardly a surprise to see the new Rockets man Russell Westbrook score highly in the passing department on 2K20. With 95 pass IQ and 93 pass vision, you will be able to fire balls from pretty much anywhere on the court with high degrees of success.

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James Harden, Houston Rockets

Pass accuracy: 82

Pass IQ: 98

Pass Vision: 86

Pass Perception: 82

Total score: 348

Like Russ, Houston Rockets James Harden is a ball dominant player, they both enjoy having the ball in their hands and as a result, pass the ball much more than other players. Harden scores slightly lower than his teammate in his overall passing score, however he matches LeBron for the highest pass IQ with a monster 98.

Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers

Pass accuracy: 94

Pass IQ: 95

Pass Vision: 81 

Pass Perception: 77 

Total score: 347

Next up is the Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard. The PG was instrumental for the Trail Blazers who made it all the way to the Western Conference finals last season, averaging 6.9 assists per game across the course of the regular season. 

Whilst his pass IQ may be his highest rating at 95, his 94 pass accuracy is the highest out of any player in NBA 2K20.

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

Pass accuracy: 93

Pass IQ: 97

Pass Vision: 72

Pass Perception: 85 

Total score: 347

Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry has the exact same total score as Dame, totaling 347 points from a possible 396. The two-time MVP is best known for his long range threes, however he can still pass a ball pretty well too.

The one area which lets Steph down is his pass vision, a disappointing 72 is the lowest of the four areas for any of the players in this list.

Mike Conley, Utah Jazz

Pass accuracy: 93

Pass IQ: 93

Pass Vision: 78 

Pass Perception: 80 

Total score: 344

The last player to make the list of the top passers on NBA 2K20 is the Utah Jazz’ new recruit Mike Conley. The former Memphis Grizzly averaged 6.4 assists per game last season and will be looking to kick on with his new employers in 2019.

With 93 pass accuracy and 93 pass IQ, you can expect to see him firing passes to Gobert and Co. throughout the 2K year.

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Tom Young