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05 Nov 2019

NBA 2K20: The fastest players in MyTeam on a budget

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James Silas, SG/PG, Legacy: Series I (92 OVR)

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Darrell Griffith, SG/SF, Prime V.I.P. (91 OVR)

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Junior Bridgeman, SF/SG, Legacy: Series I (91 OVR)

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Damian Lillard, PG, Trail Blazers Heat Check (89 OVR)

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Jerry Sloan, SG/SF, Legacy: Series I (92 OVR)

Now that NBA 2K20 is officially the only basketball sim on the market, thanks to yet another cancelled NBA Live, MyTeam is the only trading card orientated game mode available to basketball players.

In the mode in which you can create any
type of team you like from an immense catalogue of players, how could you possibly
know all of your options? What’s more, with a hard to accrue in-game currency,
you’ve also got to factor in what you can budget for.

You can focus your team in any way you like, one of those ways is speed. A team full of speedy players will make you formidable on fast breaks and chase down blocks.

So, if you’re building a team on a budget, who are the fastest players available for under 30k coins?

Silas, SG/PG, Legacy: Series I (92 OVR)



Stats: 98 Shot IQ, 98 Stamina, 96 Shot Close, 95 Offensive Consistency, 94 Shot

With 91 speed, this card is going to give opponents nightmares, and at 9.8K he is an absolute bargain. In fact, he is the cheapest, significantly, of the four other options with 80+ speed.

The SG/PG is a complete player. He has 83 Inside Scoring, 85 Outside Scoring, 85 Playmaking, 90 Athleticism and 80 Defending. In fact, all in all it makes him the 119th best card in the game, of 993.

For just 9.8k and 91 speed he is a must buy
for any team looking to be the fastest.

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Griffith, SG/SF, Prime V.I.P. (91 OVR)



Stats: 98 Shot IQ, 98 Hands, 96 Driving Dunk, 95 Shot Close, 95 Offensive

When compared to Silas’ 91 speed, 92 OVR
and 9.8k price tag, this Griffith card may not seem great at 28k, but he is
very good.

Much like Silas, he is good all-round, but he is a better shooter while not being quite the same playmaker. This isn’t an issue, though, as the SG/SF offers great speed and stats in a different way to Silas. He boasts 86 Outside Scoring, with no rating lower than 85 (Mid, 3pt, Free Throw), 87 Inside Scoring, 81 Defending and 87 Athleticism.

He is more expensive, but 28k for an 86 speed player with his scoring stats makes him a great option.

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Bridgeman, SF/SG, Legacy: Series I (91 OVR)



Stats: 95 Hustle, 95 Shot IQ, 95 Offensive Consistency, 93 Driving Layup, 92
Shot Mid

Bridgeman is the best outside scorer of the
lot, so if you’re targeting a speedy outside scorer, this guy is your man.

At 20k you don’t get the same versatility as you do with the other players. He has 70 Inside Scoring, 87 Outside Scoring, 82 Playmaking, 86 Athleticism and 71 Defending.

But, as I said, his outside scoring is what makes him stand out. His 79 Shot 3pt is the only stat below 88. With 90 Shot Close, 92 Shot Mid, 95 Shot IQ, 88 Free Throw and 95 Offensive Consistency, along with his 93 Driving Layup, 90 Driving Dunk and 92 Draw Foul, this guy can be a beast.

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Lillard, PG, Trail Blazers Heat Check (89 OVR)



Stats: 98 Overall Durability, 98 Shot IQ, 95 Offensive Consistency, 94 Stamina,
93 Driving Layup

While 84 speed and less versatility than most of the other options may not be too appealing, at 18k he is the second cheapest and the best overall playmaker of these players.

74 Inside scoring and 66 Defending ratings are saved by 85 Outside Scoring, 86 Playmaking and 85 Athleticism. His 89 Ball Handle, 91 Passing Accuracy and 92 Passing IQ make him a great PG, as we all know, and coupled with his very impressive athleticism he can run the court very well for your team, and at a good speed.

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Sloan, SG/SF, Legacy: Series I (92 OVR)



Stats: 98 Pick & Roll Defense IQ, 95 Perimeter Defense, 95 Lateral
Quickness, 95 Defensive Consistency, 95 Hands

As you may be able to tell from his best
stats, Sloan is by far the best defensive player on this list, and at 20k he is
pretty good value for faster defender.

His 76 Inside Scoring, 85 Outside Scoring, 74 Playmaking, 82 Athleticism, 72 Rebounding and 88 Defending make him a pretty versatile option. Along with the above listed defensive attributes, he has 94 Help Defense IQ, 92 Pass Perception and 85 Steal. He also has 85 Shot 3pt, 85 Shot Mid, 85 Free Throw, 87 Driving Layup and 85 Draw Foul.

Those stats with 83 speed for under 30k make him a great budget player for any team focusing on speed.

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