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NBA 2K20: Should LeBron James still be the highest rated player?

NBA 2K20, which has become the most anticipated NBA video game of the year slowly approaches. Developers 2K Games have finally shed some light into what players can expect from this year's installment of the legendary series. 

One of the most anticipated day's in the calendar year for fans is the NBA 2K20 top 100 players reveal. Now we finally get a first look at the official top 20 player ratings along with some notable rookies and a few others. 

2K Games revealed their Top 20 rated players during their annual live stream on July 15 at 8pm EST. You can see the top 100 NBA 2K20 players here. 

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Game over for LeBron?

With the ratings reveal we got our first look at what NBA star would be this year's number one rated player for this year's installment. There was some talk leading up to the reveal if LeBron James should retain his number one rating again. 

The King faced an injury-plagued second half of the 2018-2019 season, sidelined with a groin injury,  enabling him to play only 55 games throughout the season, missing the playoffs for the first time since 2005. 


Although James played fewer games this past season he still averaged an MVP caliber stat line, 27.4 - 8.3 -8.5 (points per game - assists per game - total rebounds per game) which if he managed to stay healthy for even 15 more games would have for sure put him in the MVP final ballot yet again. 

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So, LeBron has had a rocky start to his stint in LA, but with his HBO show "The Shop" also kicking off he is seemingly fitting into California perfectly. In the online gaming world however, there was a hot topic of discussion that was brewing in the lead up to 2K's rating reveal live stream. 

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LeBron has remained a focal point of 2K's flagship title for the last 12 years. 2K7 was the first iteration where LeBron was named the best player marking the start of a legendary streak The King has retained for over a decade. 

12 years and only one King, LeBron has consistently been discussed as the greatest basketball player of all time but even after a rough start in LA fans are starting to wonder why he is still number one. 


Justice for Leonard

After Kawhi Leonard's heroic and memorable playoff run that led the Toronto Raptors to deny the Golden State Warriors of their three-peat, many thought Leonard would overtake James as the best player in 2K. 

Kawhi has been in everyone's top five current NBA player's list for years now and took his game to another level this past postseason. From his buzzer-beater game seven winner against the 76ers to his shut down defense against the league MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, the NBA Finals MVP had more than enough on his resume to warrant the number one spot. 

What's the reasoning behind 2K's decision?

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The Comeback King

Part of the reasoning may be since LeBron has held the top spot for so long what areas can you really decrease for him year to year? Each year he replicates the same MVP numbers as the previous year and sometimes they are often better which is becoming the norm for King James even though he will be turning 35 this coming season. 

The small forward has held such a high standard for his play each year as he has shown no serious signs of decline as of late, the only evident issue that may torment him in the seasons to come was the groin injury he faced this past season which was the first significant layoff of his career. 

There is also a positive side to his season hindering injury. Having made Finals appearances coming out of the Eastern Conference for the last EIGHT seasons, which tacked another 18-20 games each year he was undergoing immense amounts of stress. 


Finally, with a full off-season under his belt, this may be LeBron's revenge ark. Teamed up alongside NBA 2K20 cover star Anthony Davis who is regarded as one of the best offensive and defensive big man in today's modern era, this may be LeBron's best season in recent memory. 

With the rumors of LeBron fully switching to the point guard position along with multiple shooters and well-diverse veterans around him there should be no doubt in his abilities this upcoming season. 

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LeBron's 2K20 rating reflects his overall body of work in his prolonged and legendary NBA career, yes he is starting to get up there in age but there is no denying his sheer dominance whenever he laces up his shoes and gets to work. Although Kawhi is not far behind in 2K's view there is only one king of the NBA and his name will forever be LeBron James. 

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