NBA 2K20: Best Shooting Guards (SG) on MyTEAM for under 50k - Smith, Carr, Sloan & more

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There are two main jobs for a shooting guard, and that is to score points and steal the ball when defending.

That said, the best shooting guards can do so much more than that.

For example, the likes of James Harden and Devin Booker are often required to carry the ball up the court as a makeshift point guard to create uncertainty for the opposition defence.

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The ability to play as both a shooting guard and point guard is something that has developed over time, with shooting guards of the past far more likely to play in the Small Forward (SF) role as their secondary position.

There are a load of high OVR shooting guards which can be picked up on a budget in MyTEAM this year.

Here is our list of the top five available for under 50k:

‘05 Steve Smith (OVR 94)

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Card type: Legacy

Position: SG / SF

Team: Atlanta Hawks

Best stats: 98 hands, 98 shot IQ, 97 offensive consistency

Price: 40k

The best budget shooting guard available currently in MyTEAM is the Legacy Series version of 2003 NBA Champion Steve Smith

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He made his solitary All-Star appearance in 1998 on the back of his career high scoring season, where he averaged 20.1 PPG.

‘81 Austin Carr (OVR 94)

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Card type: Legacy

Position: SG / SF

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Best stats: 97 stamina, 95 hands, 95 offensive consistency

Price: 25k

The next name in the list is the former Cleveland Cavalier Austin Carr.

Carr also played for the Dallas Mavericks and the Washington Bullets in the latter stages of his career, however he will always been known for his time in Cleveland, where the fans affectionately referred to him as ‘Mr Cavalier’.

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Carr’s best stat area is outside scoring (OVR 89) however his card is very well rounded, with every area above 80 OVR.

This makes him a great addition for those players who vary their setup as he can fit well into pretty much any system.

‘76 Jerry Sloan (OVR 92)

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Card type: Legacy

Position: SG / SF

Team: Chicago Bulls

Best stats: 98 pick and roll defense IQ, 95 lateral quickness, 95 perimeter defense

Cost: 23k

The third name in the top five is a big one. One of the most respected men in the history of the NBA, hall of famer Jerry Sloan.

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In recent years Sloan has been known for his time in charge of the Utah Jazz, where he spent 23 years as head coach between 1988-2011. However, as Chicago Bulls fans will know, he was no chump on the court either.

A two-time NBA All-Star (1967 & 1969), Sloan was best known for his tenacious defense (88 OVR defending) particularly on the edge of the perimeter (95 OVR).

He had his number 4 jersey retired by the Bulls at the end of his career, becoming the first Bulls player to receive the honor.

Sloan is one of the very best defending shooting guards in MyTEAM this year. At just 23k, he is an absolute steal.

‘82 James Silas (OVR 92)

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Card type: Legacy

Position: SG / PG

Team: ‘97-‘98 San Antonio Spurs

Best stats: 98 shot IQ, 96 shot close, 95 offensive consistency

Cost: 12k

Coming in next is the master of the late game, Captain Late himself James Silas.

Silas spent the early part of his playing days with the Dallas Chaparrals, who played in the American Basketball Association (ABA) before relocating to San Antonio in 1973 and later joining the NBA as the Spurs in 1976 when the two divisions merged.

Silas won all his individual awards during his early days in the ABA, where he was a back to back All-Star in 1975 and 1976.


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Known for his tremendous free throw shooting (89 OVR) and his clutch ability down the stretch, Silas had his number retired by the Spurs back in 1984.

Silas is another shooting guard with a well rounded card - no main stat below 80 - and costs just 12k on the market currently, not bad for a 92 OVR.

‘12 Tracy McGrady (OVR 91)

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Card type: Spotlight

Position: SG / SF

Team: ‘07-‘08 Houston Rockets

Best stats: 98 shot IQ, 98 stamina, 98 hands

Cost: 47k

T-MAC! Arguably one of the greatest shooting guards ever, the seven-time All-Star is the last name to make the five.

McGrady was known for his incredible scoring ability, twice being named the NBA scoring champion in 2003 and 2004.

He memorably dropped 13 points in just 35 seconds against the Spurs back in 2004 to help the Rockets to victory.

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His athleticism is his highest rated area, rated 88 OVR and his 98 rated stamina will ensure he’s good to go down the stretch in 2K as well as real life.

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