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NBA 2K20: Best Portland Trail Blazers side you can buy on MyTEAM - Walton, Lucas, Roy & more

Compared to other major US cities, Portland is a relatively quiet area when it comes to sports following.

The MLS side, the Portland Timbers, is the only other big sporting franchise in the city.

This means that for the Portland faithful, the Trail Blazers is an extremely important franchise, but hard times are currently testing the loyal following in Oregon.

It would be fair to say that their current season has been a bit of a stinker.

The previous Western Conference finalists currently sit outside of the playoff spots in 9th place, with a 14-21 record in their first 35 games.

Here, we throw it back to the old school Blazers, where you will have a choice of some seriously good players to add to your MyTEAM.

If you want to go for a complete Trail Blazers five then you’re in luck, as we now show you how to build the ultimate Portland five.


PG - Damian Lillard (OVR 89)

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Card type: Heat CheckBest stats: 98 Shot IQ, 98 Overall Durability, 95 Offensive ConsistencyCost: 1.5k

Occupying the point guard position in this All-Star Portland team is their multi-faceted star point-guard, Damian Lillard.

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Lillard has been in Portland since being selected as the 6th overall pick in the 2012 draft and has made four All-Star appearances to date.

Shooting from mid-range (87 overall) is the way to go with this card, though his gold 'Giant Slayer' badge will help you to finish well at the rim over bigger defenders.


SG - ‘76 Geoff Petrie (OVR 92)

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Card type: LegacyBest stats: 98 Offensive Consistency, 95 Stamina, 95 HustleCost: 20k

We take you on a trip back in time now as the shooting guard position is filled by Geoff Petrie.



Petrie spent six years with the Trail Blazers before moving to Atlanta to join the Hawks, however, he never turned out for the Atlanta franchise after suffered a career-ending knee injury.

In his short career, Petrie was known for his ability to shoot well from down-town (89 rated three-point shot).

His 84 OVR playmaking will compliment Lillard's playstyle perfectly.

SF - ‘12 Brandon Roy (OVR 94)

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Card type: SpotlightBest stats: 98 Stamina, 98 Offensive Consistency, 98 HandsCost: 35k


Another little throwback for you Trail Blazer fans here with the inclusion of Brandon Roy, playing slightly out of position as a small forward.

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Roy played in the NBA for just seven years, spending six of those with the Trail Blazers, making three All-Star appearances between 2008-2010.

This card can do it all, with five key stats coming in at 80 or above, his 90-rated inside scoring shows that getting to the rim is the way forward with Roy.

PF - ‘88 Maurice Lucas (OVR 97)

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Card type: LegacyBest stats: 98 Shot Contest, 97 Defensive Rebound, 96 Offensive ReboundCost: >100k


Whilst the team so far isn’t bad, it really is Portland’s big men who hold the key to success in this team.

This starts with the late power forward Maurice Lucas.

Lucas was a key member of the only Portland side to win an NBA title back in 1977 and was nicknamed the Enforcer after famously being ejected for fighting Philadelphia’s Darryl Dawkins in game two of the finals, having squared up to teammate Bob Gross.

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Lucas is an impenetrable force in the paint, particularly on the board, with a 96 rating on the offensive board and a 97 rating on the defensive.

His 92 OVR in defending makes him one of the game's best defensive power forwards.

C - ‘87 Bill Walton (OVR 96)

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Card type: LegacyBest stats: 98 Shot IQ, 98 Hustle, 96 Post HookCost: >100k


The final name in the team is another pink diamond card, and yet another member of the ‘77 Championship winning side, Bill Walton.

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Walton was THE star man in the 4-2 finals win over Philadelphia, winning the finals MVP award, with head coach Dr Jack Ramsay stating that he had never coached a better player, competitor or person in his career.

Another incredible board player (96 OVR rebound), Walton can also put up big numbers in the paint, particularly with his hook shot (96 rated post hook) and his standing dunk (95 OVR).

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