NBA 2K20: Best defenders on MyTEAM for under 50k – Allen, Nance, Jones & more

Scoring points is fun, but you need those men who can shut out your opponents to go the distance.

Tom Young by Tom Young

When it comes to looking for players to buy for your MyTEAM, the main thing most gamers tend to look for is attacking attributes.

Whilst that is all well and good when attacking the offensive glass, you won’t win many games without having players on the opposite end of the court who can get those defensive stops.

The ideal scenario is to have a player who is good at everything. Unfortunately the majority of them tend to be in the premium price sections. However, as you will find out in this article, not all of them do.

Here is RealSport’s guide to the top five budget defenders available in MyTEAM.

Tony Allen (89)

Card type: Legacy

Team: ‘07-‘08 Boston Celtics

Position: SG / SF

Best stats: 97 defensive consistency, 97 pick & roll defense IQ, 97 perimeter defense

Price: 4.8k

The very best budget defender who you can pick up on MyTEAM, available for under 5k, is former Boston Celtic Tony Allen.

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Allen was part of the last Celtics side to win a ring back in 2008. He made six NBA All-Defensive team appearances in his career, three on the All-Defensive First Team and three on the second.

His overall defending rating is a whopping 92, made up of some top-tier stats such as 97 perimeter defense. Combine that with his 86 rated steal and you have a nightmare for the opposition. For less than 5k, you really can’t go wrong.

‘94 Larry Nance (OVR 94)

Card type: Legacy

Team: ‘89-‘90 Cleveland Cavaliers

Position: PF / SF

Best stats: 95 block, 95 driving dunk, 95 stamina

Cost: 25k

Up next is the former Cleveland Cavalier ‘The High-Ayatollah of Slamola’ Larry Nance.

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Whilst Nance was better known for his extravagant dunks on the offensive end of the court – having won the 1984 Slam Dunk Contest – he was also a formidable force when it came to protecting the rim.

His 95 rated block is his highest defensive stat in his 90 OVR defending, whilst his 95 defensive consistency and 95 stamina will go a long way to ensuring he gets those stops deep in the fourth.

‘76 Bobby Jones (OVR 90)

Card type: Legacy

Team: ‘76-‘77 Philadelphia 76ers

Position: PF

Best stats: 98 reaction time, 98 shot contest, 98 pick & roll defense IQ


If you’re looking for a player who is all about the defense, then look no further than 76ers legend Bobby Jones.

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Jones spent eight years with Philadelphia after his move from Denver, and featured in the NBA All-Defensive First Team in seven of those eight years.

His defending is rated 90 OVR on NBA 2K20, with his 88 rated perimeter and 89 rated interior defense showing that he can deal with whatever you throw at him, wherever it may be.

‘04 Eddie Jones (OVR 88)

Card type: Spotlight

Team: Miami Heat

Position: SG / SF

Best stats: 96 steal, 95 defensive consistency, 95 pass perception


From one Jones to the next and this time its the former Miami Heat shooting guard, Eddie Jones.

Known for his ability to steal the ball, Jones was a constant menace for those teams who liked to throw the ball around. In his career, the three-time All-Star stole the ball 1,620 times, at an average of 1.7 SPG.

It comes as no surprise that his steal (96) is the Jones’ top rated stat, closely followed by his pass perception (95) which goes hand in hand with the stealing and his defensive consistency (95)

‘77 Bob Love (OVR 95)

Card type: Legacy

Team: Chicago Bulls

Position: PF / SF

Best stats: 98 offensive consistency, 97 shot IQ, 95 hands

Cost: 39k

He may be the lowest rated defender in this list, however Bob Love has the highest overall card of the five, an impressive 95 OVR.

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Butterbean had quite the career, making the All-Star team three times, as well as the All-Defensive team five times. He even had his coveted number 10 shirt retired by the Bulls upon his retirement.

Given the fact he is so high rated, Love isn’t just good at defending. As a matter of fact despite his defensive rating being a massive 88, it is only his joint second highest rating, with his 90 rated interior scoring his best.

Tom Young