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NBA 2K19: Best Point Guard (PG) Builds and Tips

Leading a team in today's NBA is slightly different than the leagues of the past. Instead of merely passing and setting up big men to score, point guards are expected to impact the game in so many more ways. If you want to reach a rating level that will match or exceed the likes of Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook, you will want to follow one of these elite point guard builds.

I’ve got a list of the only six point guard builds that can help you reach a higher overall rating with at least 238 total attribute points or more.

God Tier Point Guards

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Driving & Finishing - Defending Point Guard

Top Attributes: Vertical, Speed, Acceleration

Secondary Top Attributes: Layups, Dunks

Total Attribute Points Possible: 240


Defending - Driving & Finishing Point Guard

Top Attributes: Vertical

Secondary Top Attributes: Steals, Lateral Quickness, Speed, Acceleration

Total Attribute Points Possible: 240

As you can see in these two god-tier point guard builds, the primary skill vs the secondary skill can greatly impact the final outcome of your attribute strengths. In the first build, you see that it is more about moving quickly to the rim. This will give you a more potent offensive style of play, while still being decent on defense. However, the second build allows you to have a little more balance to your build and allows you to make plays as an overall athlete instead. Depending on where you feel most comfortable in play style, adjust your build accordingly.

Strong Point Guard Options

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Shot Creating - Defending Point Guard


Top Attributes: Mid Range, Acceleration

Secondary Top Attributes: Vertical, Lateral Quickness, Speed

Total Attribute Points Possible: 239

This point guard build is one that has potential as a strong build due to its overall balance. While other builds allow you to boost certain attributes to the higher totals of 20+, this build allows you to just have a well-rounded player with practically every attribute besides passing as a double-digit attribute point ability. While your player may not necessarily be incredible at any one thing, they will be above average in just about every area on the floor.

Defending - Defending Point Guard

Top Attributes: Steals, Blocks, Lateral Quickness

Secondary Top Attributes: Vertical, Speed, Acceleration

Total Attribute Points Possible: 238

Defending - Shot Creating Point Guard


Top Attributes: Lateral Quickness

Secondary Top Attributes: Steals, Blocks, Vertical, Speed, Acceleration

Total Attribute Points Possible: 238

Defending - Passing & Ball Handling Point Guard

Top Attributes: Lateral Quickness, Speed, Acceleration

Secondary Top Attributes: Blocks, Vertical, Steals

Total Attribute Points Possible: 238

These point guard builds are strong options that allow you to set defending as the primary skill, but provide some flexibility in how focused you want to be in any one secondary skill option. Depending on which secondary skill you choose, you can make your player strong in defensive areas, or spread their talents out a little while taking a small hit in defensive abilities. The choice in customization of playing style is ultimately up to you.



When players start a point guard, they often think dribbling or passing are the first stats you need to boost. While these won't hurt you, you probably would get more value out of speed, steals and lateral quickness boosts. As computer players rarely go for steals on you, you will only have turnovers from running the ball into players. These attributes will allow you to get past defenders as well as stay in front of offensive players. Easy steals lead to uncontested layups and quick points. The rest of the stats will fall in to place.

Height, weight, and wingspan all impact the way your player is built and performs. Beyond your abilities and subtypes, these will vary the overall outcome of your player's starting abilities. It can also give you an edge over opponents in various areas. Height impacts defensive abilities, Weight affects your speed and movements, as well as how strong you are against your opponents in such things like contact dunks and wingspan affects your ability to handle the ball and defend. For instance, short wingspans help to keep ball control and open three shots higher up, while longer wingspans help to create steal opportunities, and contest against shooters.

At an average height of 6’ 3”, 192 lbs, and a 81.8” wingspan, a point guard is generally the smallest one on the court. However, they also tend to be the most potent in terms of breaking apart defenses. To increase a point guard’s strengths, it is best to actually shorten them a bit from the average, and then drop their weight to the lowest possible, as well as shortening the wingspan. This style will boost their offensive capabilities, as well as outside the paint shots. This will drop their defensive attributes by a decent margin, but many of those are weak to begin with, and instead, you should focus on being the offensive playmaker for your team.

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