NBA 2K19: Best Custom Jumpshot

These are the best custom jumpshots for a smooth and consistent shot.

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Hitting that perfect jumpshot is an exhilarating feeling. When you get it just right, it feels like there isn’t any effort at all. From the initial priming of the shot, to the motion, to the release, to watching the ball sink into the basket, it can be intoxicating.

The problem with trying to recreate a shot in a game, though, is that there are quite a few limitations on how you can tailor your jumpshot to fit your own style. As such, you may have to search far and wide from the all-star lineups to find the style of shot that best fits you.

If you aren’t too worried about finding that unique style, though, we have compiled a list of the better custom jumpshot combinations that can be made in NBA 2K19 for usage by your MyCareer player. These shots take into consideration the wind-up, the release style, and the overall net that it brings to the table.


Why are the Components Important?

Going through the list, we will be talking about a few different parts of a shot. These include the Base, Releases, and Blend of Speed. 

The base of a jumpshot refers to the starting wind-up of the shot. This is how your player holds the ball, palms it, and sets up to go up into the air. The in-game customization allows you to pick from a list of custom bases, or you can pick some of the current NBA players.

The releases refer to when the ball is released. Although these may seem like just a visual aesthetic, it actually affects the timing of when you will need to hit that perfect release, and you will have to learn to match the bar to the release itself. You can again choose between current NBA players’ releases, or you can try out the custom ones that are preset for you. 

Speed refers to how fast the animation is overall, while the blend refers to how much your player will take from each of the releases that you picked up. You can choose any percentage of speed, as long as you are okay with learning the timing window. The blend will always match 100%, so choose how much of each player’s release you want to take from, whether it’s 20-80 or 50-50.

The custom jumpshot will always have one base, two different release styles, and a percentage of speed and blend.

Keep in mind, this does not unlock for you until you reach an overall rating 75 on your character, and will not be unlocked for all of your characters if you have multiple. You must unlock it individually.

As such, let’s go over some of our favorite combinations of jumpshots.

NBA 2K19 Best Custom Jumpshot Combinations

BaseRelease 1Release 2Blend % Speed %
LaMarcus AldridgeStephen CurryChauncey Billups65% / 35%100%
Jump Shot 42Lonzo BallCarmelo Anthony70% / 30%100%
Jump Shot 11LaMarcus AldridgeLarry Bird35% / 65%100%
LaMarcus AldridgeLarry BirdKlay Thompson75% / 25%100%
Jump Shot 9Release 57Release 10150% / 50%100%


Always Keep Trying

One thing that is wholly unique with these jumpshots is that they can be used with any position, and by any player. Just remember, each shot is always affected by your player’s height, weight, wingspan, and attribute scores. So, keep trying out all of these jumpshots, and come up with your own.