08 Oct 2021 8:18 PM +00:00

New World Server Status & Queue Times heading into the weekend

Amazon Games' New World has had an incredibly successful launch, and things are still moving fast with tons of players flocking in around the clock.

With so much excitement New World servers have been under strain since launch, and while Amazon has added dozens of new servers to offload the stress, it hasn't always been enough.

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Here's all the latest news around New World queue times and server status heading into the weekend.


LATEST - New World Queue Times This Weekend

With the weekend now here, New World queue times and server strain will likely be as high as launch week - with peaks reaching up to 750,000 users.

This will surprise players that have enjoyed New World slowing down a bit this week - with peak users falling as much as 200k from previous averages.

We expect New World queue times will peak on Saturday, October 9th, before slowing back down a bit for Sunday, October 10th.

Servers dominated by popular streamers will likely experience the worst of things this weekend.

Records & New Servers

Amazon Games announced that they were pushing another batch of NA East, NA West, and South America servers online, but this hasn't made much of a dent in server queue times.


Whether it's because of a content creator or simply a great server name, some New World servers have seen queues as high as 25,000 players or more, which could be a wait time of days instead of hours.

And after New World set another new concurrent players record at 758,543 yesterday, that may not be slowing down any time soon.

We expect free server transfers will be necessary in New World soon, and one may not even be enough for those stranded on the most overpopulated servers!

Amazon Games aware of Server Issues

In a Tweet, New World acknowledged its server issues and stated they're working hard on getting them fixed. This likely means the next few weeks will focus on improving them.

Keep an eye out right here for all the latest updates.


Pre-Order Bonuses

If you're only just jumping in now, you might want to use your New World pre-order bonuses. Thankfully, they're all added to your account automatically when downloading the game client.

To use your pre-order bonus skins, head into your inventory and hover over your gear. Select it and then the 'change skin' option to equip your pre-order bonus skin. From here you can change the cosmetic appearance of each piece of gear, using your pre-order ones.