Mobile Legends has a New Character Called Spacetime Walker Natan

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang has released the trailer for the upcoming hero, Natan “The Spacetime Walker.” Here's what we know about him so far.

Natan is is a time traveler who jumped to the past to avoid the imminent destruction of his world. The character is a new marksman, with the peculiarity of dealing magic damage, with his basics, instead of physical damage as most of the heroes in the same role.

Spacetime Walker Natan Passive and Skills Analysis

The new marksman, Natan, makes use of his time machine, a device that he integrated to his arm to defeat his enemies and display very unique skills.

  • Passive: "Theory of Everything" - Every time Natan hits an enemy with a skill, he gets a stack of entanglement (Max 6 stacks). Entanglement allows basic attacks to return and make double damage. Increased attack speed and movement speed.
  • 1st skill: "Superposition" - Natan shoots a dense mass of energy dealing damage to enemies along the path. The damage splash to enemies in the same direction of the skill.
  • 2nd skill: "Interference" - Shot of energy with gravitational attraction. Pull and knock back enemies in its way (First hero to have a knocked back ability).
  • Ultimate: "Entropy" - the hero summon a reverse copy of himself at a distance. The clone copy all Natan's movements and attacks reversely. Natan can dash to his clone every two seconds.

At first sight, Natan's abilities are quite different for Mobile Legends. It's easy to see he can deal high amount of damage due to the fact he can summon a copy of himself in battle.

As he is dealing magic damage, he can take advantage of items passives that are traditionally for mages, with high cooldown for his abilities and extra crowd control.

However, he lacks mobility and dash skill, let's see if the buff in his movement speed of his passive is enough to avoid enemies attacks.

His skills require great positioning, increasing the difficulty in unleashing his full potential. The need of positioning also makes him vulnerable to disruptive tanks.

Natan Release Date in Mobile Legends

As of right now, Natan is only available in the Mobile Legends advanced server. He will be introduced in the main server on July 23rd.

You can purchase Natan for 32,000 Battle Points (F2P Currency) or for 599 diamonds, with a discount of 30% the first week (399 diamonds).

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