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Dying Light 2: How to get Grappling Hook

Dying Light 2 has plenty of ways to naturally hinder your progress. Letting you slowly work up your skills and unlocking the rest of the world alongside. Being one of the latest but also best tools in your arsenal, the Grappling Hook is a really solid way of getting around the world. Here's how to unlock the grappling hook in Dying Light 2 and how you upgrade it.

Where to get Grappling Hook in Dying Light 2

Although you may assume you find it like so much of the game, you actually get Dying Light 2's Grappling Hook through the story. To avoid giving any major spoilers, we won't reveal the exact mission but it's given to you when you're in desperate need of an escape. Confined to an area where the only out is through the ceiling, you have to learn how to use it on the go.

Unlike what you may be expecting from other games, this isn't traditionally used to pull you upwards, more to the side or across gaps. This being said, with enough creativity and stamina, you can pull yourself up the side of buildings. Just hook it on to somewhere, jump up and then immediately hook it again. It will allow you to slowly climb upwards.

Dying Light 2 Grappling Hook
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Not having the grappling hook will limit some of what you can climb so it's a pretty good choice to play the story until you get the grappling hook, then properly explore everything.

Upgrading the Grappling Hook

To upgrade the Grappling Hook, you just need some military tech, alongside some money and a few extra resources. The hardest to find is the tech but, luckily, if you know what you're doing, you can get a decent amount pretty quickly.

Dying light 2 Military tech
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In some parts of the city, you will find supply drops up high. It can be a bit hard to get there but with the Paraglider, Grappling Hook and enough stamina, you should get up there just find.

Once you've opened them, you can use your GRE key to get one piece of Military Tech. Luckily, if you leave them for a while, they will respawn. Go up there, grab the tech and come back later to farm them.

From here, go to the crafter in any base and he will let you upgrade it.

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