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Guardians of the Galaxy: Can you sprint and run faster with Star-Lord?

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Square Enix's Guardians of the Galaxy game is finally here and Marvel's space-based group has never looked better!

The cast has done an outstanding job of bringing these characters to life and it's got a cracking soundtrack to go alongside the action-packed adventure being played out. One issue a lot of players are facing, though, is with Star-Lord.

Not his jacket or annoying puns, but his movement speed. They want to know if you can sprint and run faster with Star-Lord and we have everything you need to know.

SLOW-LORD - Can you sprint in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Star-Lord cannot sprint or run faster in Guardians of the Galaxy - however, there are ways to get around a little quicker.

As you can see in the controller scheme below, Star-Lord doesn't have a sprint option. the L3 input, which is usually sprint in games, is actually how you bring up Star-Lord's abilities menu. Similarly, the X button is the jump input.

Guardians of the Galaxy Sprint Run Faster Controller Scheme
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CONTROLLER SCHEME - Here's what you need to know...

There is, however, a Dash feature. This can be used to dodge attacks and increase Star-Lord's movement speed - only so slightly, though.

When you're in combat, Star-Lord will naturally move a little faster. There's nothing like the threat of death to get your legs moving, right? His Dash dodges are more elaborate flips and can be used to get around the combat area a lot faster, too, when fighting. In addition to this, you can use Star-Lord's hovering ability in combat to gain an advantage and get more mobility.

However, when you're exploring environments with the team or walking around the Milano, there's no way to increase speed in any meaningful amount. Star-Lord isn't as athletic as you'd think and he often employs a light jog to get from A to B. We don't think a sprint feature is coming anytime soon, either.

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