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Can you play as Lawan in Dying Light 2?

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Dying Light 2 is a really impressive game with so much to do. There's a huge open world and so many buildings to climb. This being said, there are certainly things you can't do. If you're looking to play as Lawan, this is everything you need to know.

Can you play as Lawan in Dying Light 2?

To put it simply, no you cannot play as Lawan. Being quite a big character and being played by Rosario Dawson, it made sense why people thought you could play as her.

This being said, there's a more simple reason why people thought she was playable.

Why did people think this?

People thought Lawan was a playable character as you can unlock a special outfit for her when you preorder. Though this changes a small aesthetic in-game, usually, these kinds of changes are reserved for the playable character.

It makes more sense to give them to non-playable characters as you can actually see the skin at all times but it has been a bit of a common practice in games.

Preorder bonuses

There are a handful of tiers you can avail of when purchasing Dying Light 2. They are:

Standard Edition - This is the most basic version of the game, coming with just the game by itself.

Deluxe Edition - This comes with the game itself, alongside deluxe edition items, the first story DLC and a steelbook if you order it physically.

Ultimate Edition - This comes with all of the above plus the second DLC and ultimate edition items.

Collector's Edition - This all of the above plus a special UV statue, art book and a handful of extra goodies. This is the most extravagant and most expensive way to play Dying Light 2.

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