Everything You Need To Know About The Bloodhunt Closed Alpha

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We are just a day away from the Bloodhunt Closed Alpha and we can't wait to get stuck in to the game.

At E3 2021, during the Summer Game Fest, we were treated to a trailer for Bloodhunt. The game is a free-to-play online Battle Royale and is based off the world of Vampire: The Masquerade.

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Bloodhunt's developer, Sharkmob, are offering players a chance to get an early look at the game via a Closed Alpha very soon. Here's everything you need to know.


LATEST - When Is The Bloodhunt Closed Alpha?

The Bloodhunt Closed Alpha will begin on Friday, 2 July and will end on Sunday, 4 July. Servers will go live at 14:00 CET / 13:00 BST with a pre-load available from Thursday, 1 July.

The game has been available to influencers via Early Access recently and many have had nothing but great things to say about the game.

The game is only available via Steam currently and no further platforms have been announced. The max game lobby is currently 45 players.

The Closed Alpha file size will also come in at around 20GB, according to the Bloodhunt Twitter account.


What Are The PC Specs For Bloodhunt?

The PC Specs for Bloodhunt are quite demanding, this may be because the game is not truly optimised yet so many only run so well at certain qualities.

Minimum Specs:

  • CPU - i5 8600/Ryzen 1600X or better
  • Memory - 16GB Ram
  • GPU - GTX 1070/RX 5600 XT or better
  • Disk Drive: SSD Recommended

Recommended Specs:

  • CPU - i7-8700K/Ryzen 5 3600X or better
  • Memory - 16GB RAM
  • GPU - RTX 2060 Super/RX 5700 XT or better
  • Disk Drive: SSD Recommended

What Modes Are Available In The Bloodhunt Closed Alpha?

There will be two game modes available during the Closed Alpha, Solos and Trios. These are fairly self-explanatory for those familiar with Battle Royale games.

In Solos you will be alone against all other players in the lobby but in Trios you will play in a group of three against a lobby full of teams the same size.

There will be no party play available during the Closed Alpha meaning you can only play with random matchmaking.

Will Progression In The Bloodhunt Closed Alpha Carry Over?

No, any progression made in the Closed Alpha will be reset once it ends. Sharkmob have stated that any participation rewards you have earned will stick with your account.


It's possible that if the game enters an Open Beta phase before release, that this is where progression may be possible to carry over. Typically Alpha progression is never saved for the full game.


Can You Play Bloodhunt With A Controller?

Yes, controller support is available but the support is in the early stages. This may mean limited compatibility with 3rd party or unbranded controllers.

Again this is something we expect to be fully integrated once the game fully releases.