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Madden 22: Rising Stars revealed on Good Morning Madden today

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Madden 22 is bringing more Rising Stars to Madden Ultimate Team and there are a few worth adding to your lineup.

We're going to check out the new cards in the set and which ones you should target at the Auction House, or by completing challenges.

Here are the new Madden 22 Rising Stars hitting the gridiron in MUT 22.

Madden 22 Rising Stars release date

The Rising Stars are ready to be added to your Madden 22 Ultimate Team lineup today! They were first revealed on Good Morning Madden and feature promising young talent from this NFL season.

Players such as Trey Lance and Cole Kmet headline the group, but they aren't the only players you should consider adding to your MUT 22 squad. If you'd like to watch the Good Morning Madden stream, follow this link.

Madden 22 Rising Stars Trey Lance
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TREY LANCE: Check out the 96 OVR Trey Lance Rising Stars card

With so many Rising Stars in Madden 22, you might have trouble deciding which ones to add. One of our personal favorites is the 96 OVR Trey Lance.

We'll go into more detail below on our favorites from the Rising Stars MUT 22 promo.

Best Rising Stars MUT 22 cards

Choosing the best cards from the Rising Stars promo depends on what you're looking to add to your Madden Ultimate Team. If you're in need of a good quarterback, but don't want to spent a lot of coins, the 96 OVR Trey Lance is your best bet.

He's a mobile QB, but still has incredible THP and accuracy making him a good pick to lead your MUT 22 offense. He's also not very expensive at the Auction House, only 245K. There is a really good defensive player to add.

Madden 22 Rising Star Jevon Holland
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ROOKIE SUPERSTAR: Jevon Holland received a huge upgrade to his MUT 22 item

Jevon Holland has a 95 OVR FS which is a huge upgrade from his previous 74 OVR card. He's great in both man coverage and zone coverage and has incredible speed. One shortcoming we see is in tackling, but overall a pretty great card.

Here are some other players to target from the Madden 22 Rising Stars:

  • Tommy Tremble - 95 OVR - TE
  • T.J. Edwards - 95 OVR - MLB
  • Kristian Fulton - 95 OVR - CB
  • Amon-Ra St. Brown - 95 OVR - WR
  • Javonte Williams - 94 OVR - RB

Head to Madden Ultimate Team and start adding a few of these players to your lineup.

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