Madden 19 Ratings: Top left tackles (LT)

To have a good passing attack you have to be able to protect the quarterback. Who are the best left tackles in Madden 19?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Ever since the days of Lawrence Taylor, left tackles have been vital pieces of an NFL offense. Tasked with keeping the quarterback upright and effective, the modern NFL left tackle has to be incredibly athletic to keep up with the modern pass rushers but also powerful as they are still required to move bodies in the running game.

How to find the best left tackles in Madden 19’s Franchise Mode

When it comes to left tackles speed, strength, and agility are all important, but the technical stats like pass block and run block are vital too. Awareness is important so they can spot blitzes and stunts. Here are all the best left tackles in Madden 19 with an OVR of 77 or more.

David Bakhtiari, Green Bay Packers (OVR 97)

Age: 26

Development Trait: Star

Contract: 3 years/$13.52m

2018 Cap Hit: $4.24m

Best Stats: Speed (69), Agility (69), (Strength (90), Pass Block (96), Run Block (81), Awareness (99)

Drafted in the fourth-round in 2013 by the Packers, David Bakhtiari has turned out to be a steal for green Bay. At 6’4″, 310 lbs Bakhtiari has been a stalwart on Aaron Rodgers’ blindside. While he has only been to one Pro Bowl, Bakhtiari has reached an elite level of play from around 2016 onwards. He has only missed six games in his five-year career.

In Madden 19 Bakhtiari’s perfect awareness (99) and elite pass block (96) make him a fearsome left tackle. His speed (69) and agility (69) aren’t quite as good as other top left tackles, but pass protection is the primary job for left tackles, and Bakhtiari has the best pass blocking in the game.

Tyron Smith, Dallas Cowboys (OVR 95)

Age: 27

Development Trait: Superstar

Contract: 6 years/$62.71m

2018 Cap Hit: $8.89m

Best Stats: Speed (74), Agility (78), Strength (96), Pass Block (93), Run Block (89), Awareness (97)

If Bakhtiari is the best left tackle in Madden 19, Tyron Smith is not far behind. A physical monster at 320 lbs, Smith was drafted ninth-overall in 2011 by the Dallas Cowboys when he was just 20. Smith has already been to five Pro Bowls and was named First Team All-Pro in both 2014 and 2016. He has been a dominant player since he entered the NFL and was the first piece of Dallas’ now all-powerful offensive line.

In Madden 19 Smith is agile (78) and immensely powerful (strength 96). As well as being an elite pass protector (pass block 93) Smith has great run blocking (89) making him one of the most balanced blockers in Madden. With great awareness (97) to pick up stunts and blitzes, he is nearly flawless in Madden 19.

Trent Williams, Washington Redskins (OVR 94)

Age: 30

Development Trait: Star

Contract: 3 years/$31.66m

2018 Cap Hit: $8.83

Best Stats: Speed (76), Agility (75), Strength (95), Pass Block (91), Run Block (87), Awareness (96)

Often a forgotten man when it comes to talking about the best left tackles, the 2010 fourth-overall pick has been brilliant for a long time now. Trent Williams is one of the most agile blockers in the NFL and is a six-time Pro Bowler, however he hasn’t played a full season since 2013, and the constant injuries seem to have sapped some of his brilliance.

In Madden 19 Williams is still a superb pass blocker (91) and has good agility (75). He’s also very strong (95), allowing him to be a good run blocker (87). Williams is 30 now, but there are still plenty of good years ahead.

Jason Peters, Philadelphia Eagles (OVR 91)

Age: 36

Development Trait: Star

Contract: 2 years/$20.53m

2018 Cap Hit: $9.93m

Best Stats: Speed (67), Agility (64), Strength (95), Pass Block (90), Run Block (84), Awareness (97)

Jason Peters went from undrafted free agent in 2004 to dominant left tackle. A college tight end, Peters transitioned to offensive tackle, and by 2006 he was the starting right tackle for the Buffalo Bills. In 2007 he moved to left tackle and made his first of nine Pro Bowls. Peters soon moved to Philadelphia and became the dominant force we know today. He made two First Team All-Pro’s with the Eagles, excelling as both a pass blocker and run blocker. Peters played seven games in 2017 before he fell to injury.

In Madden 19 Peters is still an elite blocker despite his age of 36. His speed (67) and agility (64) are not great, but he is still as strong as an ox (strength 95). Peters’ pass block (90) is superb, and his run block (84) is more than passable. He has great awareness (97) with which to spot any games the defense may try.

Joe Staley, San Francisco 49ers (OVR 90)

Age: 34

Development Trait: Quick

Contract: 2 years/$16.1m

2018 Cap Hit: $7.96m

Best Stats: Speed (74), Agility (74), Strength (92), Pass Block (88), Run Block (88), Awareness (94)

Joe Staley has been a star for the 49ers for a while now. A first-round pick in 2007, Staley started at right tackle straight away before moving to the left in his second season. Staley made his first of six Pro Bowls in 2011, and has missed just four games since that season while being a dominant force on the left side for San Francisco.

In Madden 19 Staley is supremely balanced, with 88 in both pass and run blocking, he also has 88 in lead blocking and 87 in impact block. Whatever you ask Staley to do, he can do it very well. With the speed (74) to make plays in the open field as well, Staley is a very good option in Madden 19 despite his age.

Andrew Whitworth, Cincinnati Bengals (OVR 88)

Age: 36

Development Trait: Quick

Contract: 2 years/$17.54m

2018 Cap Hit: $8.18m

Best Stats: Speed (62), Agility (59), Strength (94), Pass Block (87), Run Block (87), Awareness (96)

Another veteran that can still get it done, Andrew Whitworth is entering his second season with the Rams after a glittering career in Cincinnati. A second-round pick in 2006, Whitworth has made four Pro Bowls and made his second First Team All-Pro in 2017.

Whitworth’s age has decimated his athleticism. With just speed 62 and agility (59) Whitworth will struggle with elite quickness, however his technical stats are still good. With 87 run and pass block, and impressive lead block (92) and impact block (91) stats, you can still run behind Whitworth profitably. His pass block is good enough to play him at left tackle, but at 36 you are going to need a plan for the future as well.

Joel Bitonio, Cleveland Browns (OVR 88)

Age: 26

Development Trait: Star

Contract: 5 years/$34.14m

2018 Cap Hit: $6.01m

Best Stats: Speed (73), Agility (74), Strength (86), Pass Block (92), Run Block (79), Awareness (86)

Joel Bitonio was a second-round pick in 2014 for the Browns and has played all his four years at left guard. With the great Joe Thomas retiring at the end of last season though, the Browns are set to try Bitonio out at left tackle. He has been terrific at guard though, despite some injuries and a lack of public attention.

Bitonio is an elite pass blocker (92), but his run block (79) is a little disappointing, and his awareness (86) is much lower than other star left tackles. At just 26 and with star development you can raise Bitonio’s stats until he is as good as the likes of Bakhtiari and Smith.

Donald Penn, Oakland Raiders (OVR 86)

Age: 35

Development Trait: Quick

Contract: 2 years/$12.06m

2018 Cap Hit: $5.72m

Best Stats: Speed (65), Agility (55), Strength (92), Pass Block (81), Run Block (87), Awareness (98)

Undrafted in 2006, Donald Penn landed on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2007 and started 12 games as an injury replacement for the Bucs at left tackle before becoming the starter in 2008. Penn was a very good player for Tampa, but in 2014 he was cut. Tampa’s move was to the Raiders benefit, who brought him in and got two Pro Bowl seasons from Penn in the last two years.

At 35 Penn is not the athlete he used to be. In Madden 19 his speed (65) and agility (55) is a real worry, as his pass block (81) is poor. He can still be a brute in the run game (run block 87, strength 92) and has great awareness (98) to spot his blocks correctly.

Taylor Lewan, Tennessee Titans (OVR 85)

Age: 27

Development Trait: Quick

Contract: 6 years/$69.3m

2018 Cap Hit: $10.5m

Best Stats: Speed (76), Agility (74), Strength (91), Pass Block (85), Run Block (76), Awareness (91)

A first-round pick, #11 overall, in 2014, Taylor Lewan has been a terrific player for the Tennessee Titans. In his four years he has made two Pro Bowls and been a powerful force on the left edge for the Titans and their “Exotic Smash Mouth” offense.

Lewan has good athleticism with solid speed (76) and agility (74). He has good strength (91) even though his run block (76) is a little low. As a pass blocker (85) Lewan is perhaps not as good as his play deserves, but it is still good and can be improved as he is just 27.

Anthony Castonzo, Indianapolis Colts (OVR 84)

Age: 30

Development Trait: Quick

Contract: 2 years/$22.66m

2018 Cap Hit: $9.26m

Best Stats: Speed (63), Agility (67), Strength (89), Pass Block (79), Run Block (88), Awareness (92)

Anthony Castonzo was a first-round pick for the Indianapolis Colts in 2011 after a strong college career at Boston College. He has been solid but unspectacular in the NFL since then, playing consistent football but often getting into trouble against the very best pass rushers.

In Madden 19 Castonzo is a relatively poor pass blocker (79) which is a problem. As a run blocker (88) he is great, and he has the awareness (92) to find the right blocks. His lack of speed (63) will be an issue in the open field, on screens and at the second level. At 30, there isn’t much time to work on Castonzo’s short-comings either.

Other star left tackles (LT)

NameTeamOVRDevelopment TraitContract2018 Cap Hit
Nate SolderNew York Giants83Quick4yrs/$46m$10.9m
Trent BrownNew England Patriots82Quick1yr/$510k$510k
Terron ArmsteadNew Orleans Saints82Quick4yrs/$40.82m$9.14m
Duane BrownSeattle Seahawks81Normal4yrs/$35.8m$8.4m
Jake MatthewsAtlanta Falcons81Quick6yrs/$65m$9.99m
Russell OkungLos Angeles Chargers80Normal3yrs/$31.46m$9.58m
Ronnie StanleyBaltimore Ravens79Quick2yrs/$11.1m$5.19m
Garett BollesDenver Broncos79Quick3yrs/$8.38m$2.65m
Kelvin BeachumNew York Jets79Normal2yrs/$13.29m$6.21m
Cordy GlennCincinnati Bengals79Normal3yrs/$32.52m$9.76m
Charles Leno JrChicago Bears79Normal4yrs/$27.56m$6.32m
Alejandro VillanuevaPittsburgh Steelers78Quick4yrs/$10.7m$2.66m
Taylor DeckerDetroit Lions77Quick2yrs/$5.65m$2.61m
Laremy TunsilMiami Dolphins77Quick2yrs/$6.43m$2.98m
Isaiah WynnNew England Patriots77Star4yrs/$11.4m$2.75m
Kolton MillerOakland Raiders77Quick4yrs/$13.5m$3.25m
Dion DawkinsBuffalo Bills77Normal3yrs/$3.19m$970k
Riley ReiffMinnesota Vikings77Normal4yrs/$38.59m$8.63m


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