Madden 20: Salt Lake City franchise relocation guide

Here are the team names, uniforms & more for moving your NFL franchise to Salt Lake City.

Relocations seem to happen all the time in the modern NFL.

The Rams left St. Louis just a few years ago for the promise of a new stadium in Los Angeles, with the San Diego Chargers soon following suit. The Raiders have recently decided to swap Oakland for Las Vegas and will move into their new home in 2020. Now you too can move your favorite NFL franchise in Madden 20’s Franchise Mode.

Here is everything you need to know about moving to Salt Lake City.

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Salt Lake City stats

Fan interest: 2/6

Market size: Small

Personality: Loyal

Utah doesn’t have a football team. In fact, it doesn’t have much compared to its neighboring states, but you can bring the NFL to Salt Lake City. The market isn’t huge, especially compared to the likes of London or Mexico City, but filling in some of the map and bringing the NFL to a new region has an appeal of its own.

The three teams you can choose between are the Elks, the Flyers, and the Pioneers.

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This is a really unique and well-designed logo. The antler springing from the E makes it look like a cross-section of the animal itself. Let’s see what the uniforms are like.

Elks Uniforms

The blue and yellow immediately bring comparisons to the Chargers, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Style #2 especially has some of the classic touches that made the Chargers uniforms of old a favorite. The logo also creates a nice sweep on the helmet. This is a good package, even if the location isn’t ideal.

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It didn’t take long for the standard to slip. Not only is the Flyers logo uninspired, the name does little to evoke any emotional response. Still, maybe the uniforms can salvage it.

Flyers Uniforms

Maybe not… These are particularly dull designs that don’t take any chances either on color or pattern. If you are OK with the plain nature of them then go ahead, but there are a lot of better options available.

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This is a bit more like it. Much like the Buccaneers and the Raiders, this is embracing local history and modernizing it. The logo looks heroic and strong. Let’s see if the uniforms can carry that through.

Pioneers Uniforms

Oh no. The brown and orange combination immediately brings up thoughts of the Cleveland Browns, and that is never good. It’s a shame that the color scheme had to be so poor, because the rest of this teams options were looking so promising.

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