Football Manager 2020 Editor: How to download the pre-game and in-game Editor tools

Looking for a star? These tools can help you scan the database, or even create your own talent.

Alastair Pusinelli by Alastair Pusinelli

Much can change in the football world, so it may not take long for the Football Manager 2020 database to become out of date, or you may feel it doesn’t have a realistic reflection of your club.

You may think there is little you can do about a managerial sacking, a transfer or a switch of international allegiance that occurs in the real world, but there is in fact a solution on FM.

The Football Manager Editor tool, as well as the In-Game Editor, can help you make adjustments to the database in almost every facet.

This includes giving a player a new contract, making transfers, improving the quality of a player, or even creating your own player to tear up the league.

What is the FM Editor tool?

The FM Editor tool is free, and can be downloaded from the Steam store. It will only become available upon the full release on Football Manager 2020 on Tuesday, 19 November 2019.

The Editor tool you to customise the database before you start your save.

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It is also useful for seeing the starting CA (Current Ability) and PA (Potential Ability) for all players, so you can refer back to it at any time to tag any potential wonderkids coming through. 

If you are looking to customise the database, and don’t want to ‘cheat’, the Editor tool is the most efficient and comprehensive way of doing so. 

How to download the Editor tool

(Steam → Library → Tools → Football Manager 19 Editor → Download)

Step 1 – open up Steam

Head to your LIBRARY.

Step 2 – search Football Manager

In the search box, type in ‘Football Manager’.

Step 3 – select and install the Editor

Install the Editor, and once it has downloaded, it is at your disposal.

The In-Game Editor

Of course, the Editor tool can only control everything before you start your FM save, and once you are up and running, it’s all down to you. Or is it?

If a real-life transfer has occurred, you can implement this on your FM save, by purchasing the In-Game Editor.

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It is a much lighter version of the Editor tool, with all the changes made on-the-fly in FM 20.

It isn’t a deep dive, but you can still change a player’s club, improve their stats, adjust their contract and even create a player. 

How to purchase the In-Game Editor

The In-Game Editor costs £3.99 and can be purchased while you have the game open. 

(Football Manager 2019 → FM tab → Downloads → Purchase)

Step 1 – load up your FM save

Fire up your career game, and hover your mouse over the FM logo in the top right-hand corner.

Step 2 – select Downloads

Scroll down to the bottom of the tab to open up Downloads.

Step 3 – purchase the In-Game Editor

The In-Game Editor will be the first thing you see, and clicking on the purchasing link will send you to the Steam website to purchase.

Head here for the In-Game Editor Manual for Football Manager 2020.

Step 4 – Edit away!

Head back into your save and edit to your heart’s content. Look for the Edit pencil to know what you can edit.

If you have any further questions about the Editor tools, please let us know in the comments section below!

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