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FM22 Best Central Midfielders: Ten pass MASTERS that will set your team alight

Football Manager 2022 has arrived, which means it's time to start assembling your team of superstar players.

Central midfielders should be able to run the game with their passing ability, while also helping out defensively and offensively, real all-rounders.

Find out who is the cream of the crop, as we take a look at the best centre midfielders in FM22.

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FM22 Best Central Midfielders

With FM22 now here, we've delved into the database to discover the best centre midfielders - or M (C) - in the game.

From superstars to players yet to reach their prime, these playmakers will guarantee you success in this year's game.

Kevin De Bruyne (CA 188 - PA 188)

FM22 Kevin De Bruyne
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+ 10
MIDFIELD MAESTRO - KDB is not just the best CM, but one of the best players in the game

Age: 30

Club: Manchester City

Value: £215-£234 million

Wage: £350,000 a week

One of the finest midfielders to ever grace the Premier League, Kevin De Bruyne is a titan of the footballing world.

A perfect mix of pace, skill, and creative flair, KDB is undoubtedly one of the finest players you can sign in FM22.

Luka Modric (CA 171 - PA 180)

FM22 Luka Modric
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+ 10
OLD MASTER - Modric is still performing at 35

Age: 35

Club: R. Madrid

Value: £5.6-£8.6 million

Wage: £275,000 a week

He may be 35, but Luka Modric can still play at the highest level and is the second-best CM around.

Because of his age, he is also incredibly cheap, so you could sign a world-class player for a few million and get a good few seasons out of him still.

Toni Kroos (CA 169 - PA 176)

FM22 Toni Kroos
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+ 10
KILLER BALL - Kroos can make the passes count

Age: 31

Club: R. Madrid

Value: £51-£61 million

Wage: £300,000 a week

Joining his clubmate near the top of the list is Toni Kroos, another ageing player still controlling games.

He is a lethal passer, be it dictating possession, putting in crosses or taking set-pieces.

Paul Pogba (CA 168 - PA 176)

FM22 Paul Pogba
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+ 10
NO RUNNING BY THE PAUL - Pogba has top skill but not much defensive work rate

Age: 28

Club: Manchester UFC

Value: £56-£83 million

Wage: £300,000 a week

The eclectic career of Paul Pogba has more turns than a motorway junction, which is a shame when you consider just how good a player he can be.

His work rate may not be the highest, but there's no doubting that he is one of the most graceful and intelligent footballers in the game.

Leon Goretzka (CA 165 - PA 170)

FM22 Leon Goretzka
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+ 10
BOX-TO-BOX - Goretzka is a total midfielder

Age: 26

Club: Bayern Munich

Value: £56-£70 million

Wage: £195,000 a week

A rounded option with stats that tick every box, Leon Goretzka is a player that many managers should be putting at the top of their wishlist.

Reasonably affordable and certain to do a job for many years to come, Goretzka could be the perfect player to thread your team together.

N'Golo Kante (CA 165 - PA 165)

FM22 N'Golo Kante
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+ 10
TIRELESS - Kante is summed up well by his maxed out attributes

Age: 30

Club: Chelsea

Value: £62-£94 million

Wage: £300,000 a week

If you need a workman in the centre, look no further than N'Golo Kante.

With maximum ability in Teamwork, Work Rate and Stamina, Kante will run himself into the ground for you, and then keep going!

Fernandinho (CA 164 - PA 165)

FM22 Fernandinho
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+ 10
STILL GOING STRONG - Fernandinho is still a force in the middle of the park

Age: 36

Club: Manchester City

Value: £6.6-£8 million

Wage: £200,000 a week

You may not have thought there would be an older player than Modric on the list, but you'd be wrong!

At 36, Fernandinho is still very highly rated, and now he isn't making the City starting XI regularly, he could see out the rest of his career at your club.

Frenkie de Jong (CA 164 - PA 183)

FM22 Frenkie de Jong
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+ 10
PASS MASTER - De Jong can set the tempo for your team

Age: 24

Club: Barcelona

Value: £121-£145 million

Wage: £165,000 a week

Barcelona has never been short of classy midfield options, and Frenkie de Jong is certainly another name on that list of passing masters.

A special player with a great mix of stats, De Jong is the flying Dutchman that could bring great success to your team in Football Manager 2022.

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (CA 164 - PA 170)

FM22 Milinkovic-Savic
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+ 10
POWERHOUSE - Milinkovic-Savic can dominate physical battles in midfield

Age: 26

Club: Lazio

Value: £63-£75 million

Wage: £97,000 a week

A player that never seems to get his big move - despite endless rumours - could you be the manager that brings Sergej Milinkovic-Savic to the Premier League?

A player with an incredible array of skills, you'd be mad not try and secure the services of this silky Serbian.

Nicolo Barella (CA 163 - PA 173)

FM22 Nicolo Barella
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+ 10
BARGAIN - Barella could be a steal for your club

Age: 24

Club: Inter

Value: £52-£66 million

Wage: £76,000 a week

Another younger player to make the list, Nicolo Barella could be an absolute bargain at around £60 million.

He has brilliant ratings for defending and work rate, but don't let that trick you into thinking he's just about protecting the defence, he is a classy operator in the final third too.

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