FM21 Beta: Release Time, What to Expect, How to Access & more

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The Football Manager 2021 Beta is set to arrive on today! But at what exact time will you be able to access the game?

FM21 Beta Release Time

The FM21 Beta will be officially released today, on Tuesday, 10 November.

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UNDER THE LIGHTS: Build your dream team in FM21

We don't yet know the exact time of release, but the Beta is set to go "live tonight" (Tuesday, 10 November).


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So keep your eyes peeled for further announcements from 5pm BST onwards!

What is the FM21 Beta?

Football Manager 2021 Beta, or the Early Access edition of the game is not a finished version of the game, but is around 99% complete.

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SOLID: Make your defence more solid by assigning defender roles

What makes it different from the full version of the game that will get released later in November is the number of bugs that you might encounter during the gameplay.


Also, with the feedback from the players during the two week BETA period, there will be changes made to the club drafts that the developers of the game might have overlooked as well as to other areas of the game, such as GUI, 3D match engine etc.

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Once the 24th November arrives, your BETA version of the game will simply update itself automatically next time you open Steam or Epic Store platform.

FM21 Full Game Release Date

The full version of Football Manager 2021 will be released on Tuesday, 24 November.

If you pre-order FM 2021 you get to play it earlier, approximately two weeks earlier, but you also get a nice discount compared to the full release of the game.

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Also, you will get a free copy of FM21 Touch ( worth £20 GBP as a standalone game ) version of the game for PC or Mac.

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