Football Manager 2020: How to install Face Packs, Kit Packs & Badge Packs on PC

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Due to licensing restrictions, not every player has a face and not every club has their kit and badge in the game.

Luckily, players can install face packs, kits and badges to enjoy their save in all of its glory, so you can match a face to the name of your wonderkids, as they lead your team to silverware.

Keep reading for a full guide on where to find face, kit and badges packs as well as how to install them on PC.


Where to get Face Packs, Kit Packs And Badge Packs

There are a few locations you can get your packs from, depending on the style you want. Bear in mind that these packs are massive, as they contain thousands of files and that they do not include every player in the game in some circumstances.

Here are 3 locations to check out:

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How to Install Face, Kit and Badge Packs

Installing these packs is far simpler than you think. Here's how to do it on PC:

  1. Open up a File Explorer window.
  2. Go to your 'Documets' folder.
  3. Open the 'Sports Interactive' folder.
  4. Open the 'Football Manager 2020' folder.
  5. Open the 'graphics' folder (you may need to create one if there isn't one).
  6. Next create a folder for each pack 'faces', 'kits' and 'logos'.
  7. Then move the face, kit or badge pack folder into this folder.
  8. Next go into your Football Manager 2020 game, click the 'FM' icon in the top right and go to 'preferences'.
  9. When the next screen loads, hover over the 'preferences' tab in the top left and select 'interface'.
  10. Click the clear cache button.
  11. You'll be exited out of this screen, go back to the 'interface' screen and tick the box that says 'Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences'.
  12. Next press 'reload skin'.

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