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Football Manager

31 Oct 2019

Football Manager 2020: Beta now available 19 days ahead of release

Football Manager 2020: Beta now available 19 days ahead of release

With lots of new features to test out, those that pre-ordered can now access the FM20 beta.

5 days earlier than promised the new Football Manager, or at least the beta version, is finally playable.

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Those who have pre-ordered the game the game via Steam & other participating digital retailers can now start up their saves and dive feet first into the world of FM20.

Beta version

It should of course be noted that that the Beta is a near-complete (but not quite final) version of the game, so players may encounter some bugs and issues during play.

Any issues can be reported directly to the Sports Interactive team via the ‘Report Bug’ button on the in-game sidebar. Online play is also enabled, but there will be no access to the Steam Workshop or either the pre-game or in-game editors until the game’s full release on November 19th.

Single player careers that are started on the pre-release Beta can be carried over to the full release, which means players should waste no time trying to take their favourite clubs all the way to the top.

Those that have not pre-ordered will receive the Beta if they head to Steam and pre-order now!

New Features

There are lots of new features for players to get to grips with in FM20.

From the Club Vision agreed between you and the Chairman when you take over, that will lay out a long-term plan for the team to progress, to a Code of Conduct that makes it much easier for you to fine players for bad behaviour.

A Playing Time Pathway will help young players reach their full potential, so long as you make the right choices for them, while the back room staff will provide more feedback, advice, and opinions than ever before on everything from tactical decisions, in-game changes, and the transfer market.

All this comes with a number of great graphical and AI changes in the famed Football Manager match engine.

So the only question that remains is, which team are you starting with?