Football Manager 2021: Conditioning Overhauled Ahead of Release - Match Sharpness, Draining, Fatigue & more

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We just can't get enough of the FM content at the minute!

The latest area to be tapped into is the changes to your players conditioning.

Here is all the information about the upcoming changes.


Match Condition & Match Sharpness

For the first time in Football Manager history, Match Condition and Match Sharpness will feature as two separate entities.

They have always been grouped into one percentage in the past, but that is no longer the case on this year's title.

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Each players Match Condition will now be represented by a heart icon, focusing solely on their physical state.

A series of different coloured symbols will indicate your players Match Sharpness. This will highlight how prepared the player is for the match on a personal level.


Draining Updated

In line with this, there is changes to the way a players condition changes during the course of a 90-minute match.

A variety of new variables have been put into place in order to ensure that the players condition is as accurate as it possibly can be.

These include:

  • Distance Covered
  • Speed of Movement
  • Change of Direction
  • Players Conditions
  • Weather
  • Stamina

In short, the higher the number of high intensity bursts your player makes during a game, the quicker they are going to tire.

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This applies to your pre match tactics too. Those formations that are going to require more from your players are going to see them tire much quicker than those that don't.

It might mean making tactical changes when you get to that busy Christmas period in order to ensure your players don't pick up any nasty injuries.

International Duty


Now this isn't the biggest feature of FM 21 by any stretch, but a significant one for those who are taking charge of the big boys.

Your players movements of the pitch will impact their condition ahead of matches.

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Those that are travelling across the globe to take part in European competition and International fixtures are going to see their condition drop much quicker than those who don't.


Finally, you'll have permanent access to your players fatigue stats in FM 21.

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You can find out the status of any players fatigue by heading to your Sports Scientist.

Football Manager 21 Fatigue
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A helpful feature when deciding who you should throw out for that Carabao Cup third round fixture against lower league opposition.



You can find out more about the chances to Conditioning by heading over to FMFC.

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