Football Manager 2019 Wonderkids: Best Croatian players to sign

Croatia are peaking in 2018, which wonderkids can continue to lift the national side in FM19?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Croatia are coming off their most successful World Cup ever. They made it all the way to the final thanks to a golden generation featuring Luka Modric, Ivan Perisic, and Mario Mandzukic. However, with those players unlikely to make it to the next World Cup, Croatia needs new stars to replace their current ones.

How to choose the best Croatian wonderkids in Football Manager 2019

This article will look at the best Croatian wonderkids in FM19. These players are all teenagers when you start a new career mode with the Croatian league (June 2018) and are listed by the game as Croatian. These players have a potential ability of at least 110, making them useful to most squads around the world, with the very best being capable of becoming elite players for nearly every team.

For a list of ALL the best Croatian wonderkids on FM19, see the table at the bottom of the page.

Josip Brekalo (CA 131 – PA 163)

Age: 19

Position: AM (RL), M (RL)

Club: VfL Wolfsburg

Best Attributes: Agility (17), Flair (17), Acceleration (16)

Value: £5 million

Wage: £31,000 a week

Josip Brekalo began his career with Dinamo Zagreb at the age of 8. He worked his way up the youth system to win his first team debut in December 2015. He played just a handful of games for Dinamo before making a €10 million move to Wolfsburg in May 2016. After being loaned to Stuttgart for some experience, he found his way into the Wolfsburg first team. He received his first senior cap for Croatia this year.

In FM 19 Brekalo is a very creative player. He has terrific skill on the ball (16 dribbling, 15 technique, 14 first touch) and good speed to attack defenders (16 acceleration, 14 pace). His mental attributes are set up to be creative (17 flair, 14 determination, 13 vision) and he can threaten the goal as well (15 long shots, 13 finishing).

Antonio Marin (CA 109 – PA Range 150-180)

Age: 17

Position: AM (RL)

Club: Dinamo

Best Attributes: Flair (18), Dribbling (17), Acceleration (14)

Value: £195,000

Wage: £1,100 a week

Antonio Marin has been with Dinamo Zagreb for his whole career. He joined them when he was 8 and reached the first team in May 2018. Marin has also been a constant figure for Croatia’s Under-17 side for the last two years, making 27 appearances to date.

In FM 19 Marin is a raw but impressive winger. He has excellent creative talent on the ball (18 flair, 17 dribbling, 14 technique, 13 first touch) and has nice speed too (14 acceleration, 13 pace, 13 agility). He has a few very nice mental attributes for someone so young (13 determination, 12 vision, 11 work rate).

Davor Lovren (CA 114 – PA 137)

Age: 19

Position: AM (RL), M (RL)

Club: Fortuna Dusseldorf

Best Attributes: Flair (16), Agility (16), Dribbling (14)

Value: £1.2 million

Wage: £4,000 a week

Davor Lovren started his career with NK Karlovac before moving to Dinamo Zagreb in 2009. He worked his way up through their youth system to make the reserve side in 2015 and then debut with the first team in May 2016. In June 2017 he made a move to Dusseldorf on loan, a move that was made permanent the next summer.

In FM 19 Lovren is another star winger in the making. He has good talent on the ball (14 dribbling, 14 first touch, 13 technique) and has nice speed too (15 acceleration, 13 pace). He can deliver deadly balls into the box (12 corners, 12 crossing) and can threaten the goal (13 long shots, 12 finishing). He also has a few nice mental attributes (13 vision, 13 determination, 13 off the ball).

Michele Sego (CA 95 – PA Range 130-160)

Age: 17

Position: ST

Club: Hajduk

Best Attributes: Agility (15), Acceleration (14), Flair (14)

Value: £84,000

Wage: £5 a week

Michele Sego has been with Hajduk Split since 2015 and has progressed through their system quickly. He has also flown through the Croatia youth levels, reaching the Under-21 side.

In FM 19 Sego is a strong forward already. He has good physical traits (15 natural fitness, 15 agility, 14 acceleration, 13 pace) and is solid in front of goal (13 technique, 12 finishing). He also has some nice mentally attributes to back all of that up (14 flair, 13 off the ball, 12 composure).

Luka Ivanusec (CA 113 – PA Range 120-150)

Age: 19

Position: AM (C), M (C)

Club: Lokomotiva

Best Attributes: Work Rate (15), Stamina (15), Natural Fitness (15)

Value: £300,000

Wage: £400 a week

Luka Ivanusec started his career with Novi Marof and arrived at Lokomotiva in 2015. He made his professional debut with them in December 2015 and has become a regular in the first team. He got his senior cap with Croatia in January 2017.

In FM 19 Ivanusec in a mentally impressive midfielder. His mental attributes are remarkable for his age (15 work rate, 14 determination, 14 bravery, 14 teamwork) and that aids the rest of his game. He can create chances coming forward (14 first touch, 14 dribbling, 13 technique, 12 passing) and has the physical traits to get beyond defenders (15 stamina, 13 acceleration, 12 pace).

Dinko Horkas (CA 103 – PA Range 120-150)

Age: 19

Position: GK

Club: Dinamo

Best Attributes: Concentration (15), Acceleration (15), Reflexes (13)

Value: £68,000

Wage: £5 a week

Dinko Horkas joined Dinamo Zagreb in 2011 and has progressed up to the reserve side. He’s also made it up to the Croatia Under-19 side.

In FM 19 Horkas is a strong goalkeeping prospect. He has nice mental attributes (15 concentration, 13 positioning, 13 anticipation) and some good physical traits too (15 acceleration, 13 pace, 13 jumping). Horkas’ technical stats are a nice foundation to build on (13 one on ones, 13 reflexes, 13 aerial reach).

David Colina (CA 96 – PA Range 120-150)

Age: 17

Position: D (L)

Club: Monaco

Best Attributes: Natural Fitness (17), Technique (13), Pace (13)

Value: £245,000

Wage: £3,600 a week

David Colina joined Dinamo Zagreb when he was 9 and progressed through their youth system rapidly. At 15 he was a featured part of Croatia’s Under-17 side and in August 2018, before he had even made his debut for Zagreb, he made a €1.3 million move to Monaco.

In Football Manager 2019 Colina is a pretty well-rounded full back. He has nice physical traits (17 natural fitness, 13 stamina, 13 pace) and some solid mental attributes too (13 determination, 13 work rate, 13 teamwork). He can provide good support coming forward (13 crossing, 13 long shots, 13 technique) and is reasonable defensively (10 marking, 10 tackling).

Tonio Teklic (CA 95 – PA Range 120-150)

Age: 18

Position: AM (C)

Club: Hajduk

Best Attributes: Determination (15), Work Rate (14), Aggression (14)

Value: £61,000

Wage: £600 a week

Tonio Teklic joined Hajduk Split in 2010 and rose through their youth system. He made it to the reserves in 2016 and soon got called up to the first team. He has also progressed to the Croatia Under-19 side.

In FM 19 Teklic is a nicely rounded attacking midfielder. He has good mental attributes to fuel his current play as well as his development (15 determination, 14 work rate, 13 flair). He can move the ball well (13 technique, 12 passing, 12 dribbling, 12 vision) and has reasonable speed too (13 pace, 13 acceleration).

Ante Palaversa (CA 94 – PA Range 120-150)

Age: 18

Position: DM, M (LC)

Club: Hajduk

Best Attributes: Determination (14), Natural Fitness (14), Jumping (14)

Value: £55,000

Wage: £650 a week

Ante Palaversa has been with Hajduk Split for his whole footballing career. He made his first team debut in July 2018 and has progressed up to the Croatia Under-19 side.

In Football Manager 2019 Palaversa is a good possession midfielder. He can move the ball well (12 passing, 11 technique) but also win the ball back too (12 tackling, 11 positioning). He has good mental attributes to help his overall development (14 determination, 13 work rate, 12 decisions) and is physically strong too (14 natural fitness, 12 pace, 12 acceleration).

Karlo Butic (CA 91 – PA Range 120-150)

Age: 19

Position: ST

Club: Ternana

Best Attributes: Determination (19), Natural Fitness (16), Finishing (14)

Value: £120,000

Wage: £2,100 a week

Karlo Butic began his career with Zadar in Croatia, but in 2016 he made the move to Inter Milan and starred with their Under-19 side. In 2017 he moved to Torino and since has been loaned out to Ternana to gain experience.

In FM 19 Butic is a raw striker, but still talented. He is good in front of goal already (14 finishing, 11 penalty taking) and he’s physically strong (16 natural fitness, 14 jumping, 13 strength). Butic has one amazing mental attribute (19 determination) and a handful of very solid ones (12 leadership, 12 composure, 11 teamwork, 11 work rate).

All the best Croatian wonderkids on Football Manager 2019

Name Pos Club Age CA PA/PA Range Value Wage
Josip Brekalo AM (LR), M (RL) VfL Wolfsburg 19 131 163 £5m £31k
Antonio Marin AM (LR) Dinamo 17 109 >150 £195k £1.1k
Davor Lovren AM (LR), M (RL) Fortuna Düsseldorf 19 114 137 £1.2m £4k
Michele Sego ST Hajduk 17 95 >130 £84k £5
Luka Ivanusec AM (C), M (C) Lokomotiva 19 113 >120 £300k £400
Dinko Horkas GK Dinamo 19 103 >120 £68k £5
David Colina D (L) AS Monaco 17 96 >120 £245k £3.5k
Tonio Teklic AM (C) Hajduk 18 95 >120 £61k £600
Ante Palaversa DM, M (LC) Hajduk 18 94 >120 £55k £650
Karlo Butic ST Ternana 19 91 >120 £120k £2k
Tomislav Krizmanic AM (C) Dinamo 17 88 >120 £25.5k £600
Duje Javorcic AM (LC), M (LC) Amiens SC 18 85 >120 £85k £1.6k
Josko Gvardiol D (L) Dinamo 16 84 >120 £21.5k £220
Marko Bulat M (C) Sibenik 16 83 >120 £26k £180
Matko Babic ST Lokomotiva 19 110 >110 £135k £400
Neven Djurasek DM, M (C) Lokomotiva 19 105 >110 £98k £925
Mario Cuze ST Dinamo 19 99 >110 £9.75k £775
Darko Nejasmic DM Hajduk 19 99 >110 £65k £625
Petar Rubic D (L), WB (L) Istra 1961 19 95 >110 £13.75k £5
Dominik Kotarski GK Ajax 18 94 >110 £100k £875
Leon Sipos ST Dinamo 18 93 >110 £46.5k £5
Domagoj Bradaric D (L), WB (L) Hajduk 18 91 >110 £58k £650
Sandro Kulenovic ST Legia 18 89 >110 £59k £775
Ivan Djakovic AM (LC) Lokomotiva 17 85 >110 £27k £475
Tin Hrvoj D (R) Dinamo 17 84 >110 £11.25k £525
Matej Vuk AM (L) Inter Zapresic 18 84 >110 £34k £5
Josip Maganjic AM (L) Fiorentina 19 82 >110 £72k £1.7k
Renato Josipovic GK Dinamo 16 82 >110 £16k £210
Bruno Jenjic AM (C), M (C) Hajduk 17 74 >110 £23.5k £5
Mihael Kupresak AM (L), ST Osijek 17 67 >110 £7.5k £5


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