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Football Manager 2019: Best Bargain Right Backs

Full backs can be especially tricky to find in Football Manager, particularly if you have a limited budget. Quality right backs get snapped up at an early age by big clubs, and even veterans can be pricy, but there are also some hidden gems out there that can produce at the position without crippling your transfer budget.

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How to choose the best bargain right backs in Football Manager 2019

This article will look at the best bargain right backs in Football Manager 2019. These are players that are natural at either right back or right wing back and can be bought for an initial fee of £5 million or less. You may need to experiment with add-ons such as future payments or sums after X number of appearances, but they don't impact your transfer budget in the same way as initial payments do. So, who are the best cheap right backs in FM19?

For a full list of ALL the best cheap right backs see the table at the bottom of the page.

Daniel Bocanegra (CA 139 - PA 145)

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Age: 31


Position: D (RC), WB (R)

Club: Atletico Nacional

Country: Italy

Best Attributes: Free Kick Taking (16), Strength (15), Stamina (14)

Value: £165,000

Wage: £1,500 a week

Daniel Bocanegra has played his entire career in Colombia, starting with Academia before moving around on loan. In 2012 he joined Independiente Medellin and then in 2013 came to Atletico Nacional where he was quickly embedded in the first team.

In FM 19 Bocanegra is a well-balanced player. He is solid defensively (13 marking, 12 tackling) and is decent mentally (14 determination, 13 work rate, 13 positioning, 13 composure). He has good athleticism (15 strength, 13 pace, 13 acceleration) too. 

Paul Aguilar (CA 137 - PA 138)

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Age: 32


Position: D (R), WB (R)

Club: America

Country: Mexico

Best Attributes: Teamwork (15), Anticipation (15), Concentration (15)

Value: £2.1 million

Wage: £12,000 a week

Paul Aguilar started his career with Pachuca in Mexico in 2004. He played for six years with them before moving to America in 2011, he has played over 200 games for them and won more than 50 caps for Mexico during his career.

In FM 19 Aguilar is a solid defender (14 tackling, 14 marking) who can produce coming forward too (13 passing, 13 technique, 13 dribbling, 12 crossing). He has good athleticism to run up and down the touch line (14 stamina, 14 natural fitness, 13 pace, 13 acceleration) and is mentally strong (15 teamwork, 15 anticipation, 15 concentration).

Juan Roa (CA 135 - PA 138)

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Age: 26


Position: D (R), WB (R), M (R)

Club: Santa Fe

Country: Colombia

Best Attributes: Leadership (17), First Touch (16), Crossing (15)

Value: £165,000

Wage: £1,100 a week

Juan Roa has played his entire career with Santa Fe. He started his youth career with them in 2007 and made his senior debut in 2010. He has gone on to play nearly 250 games with the club, scoring a handful of goals. He made his debut for Colombia in 2018.

In FM 19 Juan Roa is a solid athlete (15 stamina, 15 natural fitness, 12 pace) who is a reasonable defender (13 marking, 12 tackling). Coming forward is his strength though (16 first touch, 15 crossing, 12 technique),

Armend Dallku (CA 134 - PA 150)

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Age: 35


Position: D (RC)

Club: Prishtina

Country: Albania

Best Attributes: Leadership (17), Work Rate (16), Teamwork (16)

Value: £26,500

Wage: £875

Armend Dallku started his career with Prishtina in 2002 but moved on and in 2005 started playing for Vorskla Poltava in Ukraine. He played nearly 300 games there over 11 years and returned to Prishtina in 2016.

In Football Manager 2019 Dallku still has a lot to offer despite his age. He has good athleticism (16 balance, 15 pace, 13 natural fitness) and he brings a lot of very strong mental attributes (17 leadership, 16 work rate, 16 teamwork). He is a good defender (15 marking, 14 tackling) who can help at the other end too (13 crossing, 13 passing).

Ignazio Abate (CA 133 - PA 152)

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Age: 31


Position: D (R), WB (R)

Club: AC Milan

Country: Italy

Best Attributes: Acceleration (17), Pace (16), Determination (15)

Value: £3.6 million

Wage: £73,000 a week

Ignazio Abate came up through the AC Milan youth system, but had to go on loan to Napoli to collect his first-team debut. After further loan spells at Piacenza and Modena he was sold to Empoli and then moved to Torino. In 2009 however, AC Milan realised their mistake and bought him back to the club for around €2.5 million. He has since played over 200 games for the team.

In FM 19 Abate has terrific speed (17 acceleration, 16 pace) and is solid defensively (13 marking, 13 tackling). He has a handful of very good mental attributes (15 leadership, 15 determination, 15 teamwork) and isn't awful on the ball either (13 dribbling, 11 technique, 11 passing).

Igor Smolnikov (CA 133 - PA 135)

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Age: 29


Position: D (R), WB (R)

Club: Zenit

Country: Russia

Best Attributes: Work Rate (18), Pace (16), Stamina (16)

Value: £3.9 million

Wage: £38,000 a week

Igor Smolnikov has moved around the Russian League his whole career. He started out with Lokomotiv Moscow and has passed through seven different clubs before finally settling with Zenit St. Petersburg in 2013. He has also picked up nearly 30 caps for Russia.

In FM 19 Smolnikov has terrific mental attributes (18 work rate, 15 concentration, 14 bravery) and good athleticism (16 pace, 16 stamina, 15 acceleration). He is a solid defender (14 marking, 13 tackling), and can do relatively well coming forward (13 crossing, 13 passing, 12 technique).

Maxi Pereira (CA 132 - PA 144)

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Age: 34


Position: D (R), WB (R)

Club: FCP

Country: Uruguay

Best Attributes: Determination (19), Teamwork (16), Aggression (16)

Value: £800,000 

Wage: £35,500 a week

Maxi Pereira started his career with Defensor in Uruguay and played there for 5 years before moving to Portuguese club Benfica in 2007. He played over 200 games there and then moved to Porto in 2015. Pereira has been a staple of the Uruguay national side, racking up 125 caps to date.

In FM 19 Pereira still has good athleticism despite his age (14 natural fitness, 13 stamina, 12 pace). He is good on the ball (13 passing, 13 crossing, 12 technique) and defensively (13 tackling, 12 marking). Pereira also offers terrific mental attributes (19 determination, 16 teamwork, 15 leadership).

Bruno (CA 132 - PA 139)

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Age: 37


Position: D (R), WB (R)

Club: Brighton

Country: Spain

Best Attributes: Natural Fitness (20), Leadership (16), Technique (15)

Value: £925,000

Wage: £30,000 a week

Bruno made his debut way back in 1997 and made his way through the Spanish leagues joining Valencia in 2009. He made an impact there and then moved to Brighton in 2012, where he has played over 200 games.

In FM 19 Bruno is an exceptional athlete for his age (20 natural fitness, 15 stamina, 13 pace). He has a lot of good mental attributes (16 leadership, 15 work rate, 14 concentration) and can help up the pitch (15 technique, 15 first touch, 13 passing)

Mathieu Debuchy (CA 131 - PA 136)

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Age: 32


Position: D (R), WB (R)

Club: Saint-Etienne

Country: France

Best Attributes: Bravery (16), Positioning (15), Tackling (15)

Value: £2.2 million

Wage: £18,500 a week

Mathieu Debuchy made his debut for Lille in 2003 after coming up through their youth system. He played there for 10 years and racked up 233 appearances before moving to Newcastle in 2013. That was soon followed by a transfer to Arsenal, but injuries derailed his time there. He moved to Saint-Etienne in 2018.

In FM 19 Debuchy is a very well-rounded player. He is good defensively (15 tackling, 14 marking) and can produce up the pitch too (12 crossing, 11 technique, 11 passing). He has some very good mental attributes too (16 bravery, 15 positioning, 15 determination).

Oliver Sorg (CA 131 - PA 133)

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Age: 28


Position: D (R), WB (R)

Club: Hannover

Country: Germany

Best Attributes: Teamwork (16), Anticipation (16), Stamina (15)

Value: £3.6 million

Wage: £26,000 a week

Oliver Sorg started his career with Freiburg and played over 100 games for the first team before he made a £2.5 million move to Hannover in 2015.

In Football Manager 2019 Sorg is a solid athlete (15 stamina, 14 natural fitness, 12 pace) who is very good defensively (15 tackling, 13 marking). He is ok on the ball (12 first touch, 11 technique, 11 passing) and has a couple of very good mental attributes too (16 teamwork, 16 anticipation, 14 concentration).

All the best bargain right backs on Football Manager 2019

Name Pos Club Country Age CA PA Value Wage
Daniel BocanegraD (RC), WB (R)Atlético NacionalColombia31139145£165k£1.5k
Paul AguilarD (R), WB (R)AméricaMexico32137138£2.1m£12k
Juan RoaD (R), WB (R), M (R)Santa FeColombia26135138£165k£1k
Armend DallkuD (RC)PrishtinaAlbania35134150£26.5k£875
Ignazio AbateD (R), WB (R)MilanItaly31133152£3.6m£73k
Igor SmolnikovD (R), WB (R)ZenitRussia29133136£3.9m338k
Maxi PereiraD (R)FCPUruguay34132144£800k£35.5k
BrunoD (R), WB (R)BrightonSpain37131139£925k£30k
Mathieu DebuchyD (R), WB (R)AS Saint-EtienneFrance32131136£2.2m£18.5k
Oliver SorgD (RL), WB (R)Hannover 96Germany28131133£3.6m£26k
Vladislav IgnatyevD (R), WB (R), AM (R), M (R)Lokomotiv MoscowRussia31130132£1.7m£31k
Johan LarssonD (R), WB (R), M (R)Brøndby IFSweden28130130£800k£3.6k
João PereiraD (R), WB (R)TrabzonsporPortugal34130142£900k£21k
Leonardo GodoyD (R), WB (R)Talleres Cba.Argentina23130139£2.8m£3.9k
Anaitz ArbillaD (RLC), WB (R)EibarSpain31130132£1.6m£2.5k
Dusan BastaD (R), WB (R), M (R)LazioSerbia33130147£925k£25.5k
Miguel LopesD (R)AkhisarsporPortugal31130130£3.5m£13k
JonathanD (R), WB (R), M (R)ATPBrazil32130144850k£10.75k
Gökhan GönülD (R), WB (R)BeşiktaşTurkey33130150£2.3m£34.75k
Andreas BeckD (R), WB (R)VfB StuttgartGermany31130142£2.4m£26k
Radim ReznikD (R)Viktoria PlzenCzech Republic29129130£1.8m£3.5k
Sebastian JungD (R), WB (R)VfL WolfsburgGermany28129139£3.3m£69k
Antonio RukavinaD (R), WB (R)AstanaSerbia34129135£150k£10k
Christian TräschD (R), WB (R), DM, M (C)FC Ingolstadt 04Germany30129140£2.2m£13.5k
Damián SuárezD (R), WB (R)GetafeUruguay30129134£2.1m£11.5k
Eneko BóvedaD (RC), WB (R)CoruñaSpain29129134£2.5m£9k
Paul VerhaeghD (R), WB (R)VfL WolfsburgHolland34128141£275k£6k
Darijo SrnaD (R), WB (R)CagliariCroatia36128160£850k£32k
Carlos MartínezD (R)OviedoSpain32128138£800k£6.5k
Fabrizio CacciatoreD (RL), WB (R)ChievoItaly31128133£2.8m£16k
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